fully automatic biochemistry analyzer

Eastmed proudly presents its Electrolyte Analyzer, an advanced medical device tailored for precision in measuring ion concentrations in blood samples. This analyzer has become an indispensable tool in clinical care and diagnostics, meeting the diverse needs of healthcare environments both in China and across the globe.

The centerpiece of this remarkable machine is its Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) Technology. This innovative feature ensures accurate readings of crucial electrolytes like sodium, potassium, and chloride, making it a cornerstone of reliable testing. The fully automated system of the analyzer stands out, streamlining the testing process, reducing manual errors, and enhancing overall workflow efficiency, thus ensuring consistent and reliable results.

Ease of use is at the forefront of the Electrolyte Analyzer’s design. With its intuitive interface, medical professionals can operate it effortlessly, allowing for quick and accurate interpretation of results, a critical factor in fast-paced medical settings.

The analyzer’s compact and efficient design makes it a versatile fit for various medical environments, from small clinics to large hospitals. It’s crafted for space efficiency without compromising on testing capabilities, addressing the need for swift and reliable diagnostics.

Constructed with top-grade materials, the Eastmed Electrolyte Analyzer is built for durability and longevity, even in demanding use scenarios. It also integrates seamlessly with existing laboratory information systems, facilitating efficient data management and reporting.

  • lab water purifier

  • EM480P automated chemistry analyzer

    ApplicationErythrocyte sedimentation rate analysis
    Measurement MethodInfrared detection
    Analysis ResultWestergren ESR value (mm/hour)
  • EM380 fully auto chemistry analyzer

    1. High Throughput: Capable of conducting up to 300 tests per hour, enhancing productivity in busy lab environments.
    2. Advanced Sampling and Reaction Capabilities: Features like sensitive liquid sensing, automatic probe adjustments, and precise temperature control in the reaction tray ensure reliability and accuracy in test results.
    3. Cost Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability: Low reagent consumption per test reduces operating costs and supports environmental sustainability, making it economically and ecologically beneficial.
  • EM200 biochemistry analyzer

    1. High Throughput: Executes 200 tests per hour for efficient high-volume testing.
    2. Low Reagent Consumption: Uses only 150ul per test, reducing costs while maintaining accuracy.
    3. Advanced Sampling Probe: Equipped with collision protection and sensitive sensors for precise sample handling and minimal carry-over.
    4. Optimal Reaction Conditions: Features precise temperature-controlled reaction cuvettes for reliable results.
  • EM120 fully auto biochemistry analyzer

    1. Integrated Full-Closed Optical System: Ensures precise results by minimizing external light interference, crucial for reliable diagnostics.
    2. Advanced Operating System: Supports comprehensive calibration and quality control, enhancing accuracy and reliability of test results.
    3. Multifunctional Precision Sampling Probe: Features collision protection and automatic depth adjustment, reducing cross-contamination and ensuring sample integrity.
    4. Reagent and Sample Trays with Continuous Cooling: Maintains reagent and sample stability with non-stop cooling, critical for high-throughput testing without compromising quality.
  • EM160 best biochemistry analyzer

    1. High Throughput and Automation: Consistently performs 150 tests per hour with features like automatic liquid sensing and collision protection, improving efficiency in high-demand environments.
    2. Reagent and Sample Management: Accommodates 80 reagent and 40 sample positions with continuous cooling and optional barcode reading, enhancing accuracy and traceability.
    3. Precision Sampling and Mixing: Features precision probes with dedicated washing and Teflon-coated mixers, reducing contamination and ensuring consistent results.
    4. Advanced Operating System: User-friendly software and stable temperature control in the reaction tray ensure ease of use and reliable test outcomes.
  • EM200Plus Fully-Automated Chemistry Analyzer

    • Compact Benchtop Design: Saves valuable space in small to medium-sized labs without sacrificing functionality, ideal for environments with limited room.
    • High-speed Testing and Large Capacity: Performs 200 tests per hour and accommodates 80 reagent and 40 sample positions, boosting productivity in busy labs.
    • Advanced Sensing and Safety Features: Equipped with accurate liquid level sensing and anti-collision technology to enhance reliability and ensure safety during testing.
    • Precision and Efficiency: Features a sophisticated operating system with multi-wavelength detection and quality control protocols, ensuring precise and reliable results for effective patient care.
  • EM480 fully automatic biochemistry analyzer

    • Versatility and Automation: Capable of handling a variety of tests including clinical chemistry and drug testing, with full automation to ensure efficiency and accuracy.
    • Advanced Sampling Probe: Equipped with internal and external mirror polish and washing systems to reduce contamination and ensure integrity of results.
    • Low-Maintenance and User-Friendly: Designed for ease of use with minimal maintenance required, supporting smooth laboratory operations and reducing potential user error.
    • Powerful Software Features: Includes real-time monitoring, automatic dilution, and quality control management, enhancing reliability and operational efficiency.