EM120 fully auto biochemistry analyzer

The EM120 Auto Chemistry Analyzer is specifically engineered for medium and small laboratories or clinics that demand the highest precision in diagnostic results. It is ideal for settings that manage a modest number of patient samples daily but require meticulous accuracy.

  • Open System Compatibility: The EM120 features an open system design, allowing it to be compatible with any brand of chemistry reagent kits. This versatility lets laboratories select the most suitable reagents for their specific needs, ensuring flexibility and cost-effectiveness in sourcing supplies.
  • Enhanced Precision with Disposable Cuvettes: To maximize accuracy and prevent cross-contamination, the EM120 uses disposable cuvettes. This approach not only maintains the integrity of each test but also supports the system’s capability to deliver consistently precise results.
  • Maintenance-Free Design: Equipped with a maintenance-free semiconductor solid-state refrigeration and built-in automatic liquid level sensing with anti-collision features, the analyzer reduces both downtime and operational costs.
  • User-Friendly Operation: The system is designed with a user-friendly interface that includes automatic functionalities such as sample dilution, result checking, and calibration, all backed by robust quality control measures.

Ideal for: The EM120 is an excellent choice for healthcare providers in smaller clinical settings who prioritize accuracy and efficiency. Its ability to work with various reagent brands, combined with the use of disposable cuvettes, makes it a highly practical solution for achieving top-tier diagnostic precision with a manageable volume of daily tests.

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  • 120 tests/hour with a double reagent system
  • 80 reagent positions for efficiency
  • Automatic liquid level sensing and anti-collision protection
  • Integrated full-closed optical system for precise results
  • New amorphous optical plastics reaction cups for accuracy
  • Maintenance-free semiconductor solid-state refrigeration
  • User-friendly interface and friendly surface
  • Disposable cuvettes for convenience
  • Rigorous quality assurance standards for reliable results
  • Cost-effective solution for productivity and accuracy


Multifunctional precision sampling probe:

  • External & internal mirror polish, external & internal probe washing
  • Dedicated sampling probe equipped with sensitive liquid sensor, timely feedback of reagent & sample residuals
  • Collision protection, automatic probe depth adjusting
Excellent mixer design:

  • Teflon coating mixer. No water dropping(reducing carry-over)
  • Excellent mixing effect with standard mixing prosedure
Reaction tray:

  • 50 reaction cuvettes
  • Reaction volume as low as 150μl
  • Stable & accurate temperature (37±0.1℃)for reaction
Reagent tray & Sample tray:

  • 80 reagent positions,40 sample positions
  • Non-stop cooling system with peltier pad inside, 24 hours 2℃-14℃
  • Bar code reader(optional)
Advanced operating system:

  • User friendly software interface simple, easy-to-operation
  • Sample automatic dilution(decrease, increase, normal)
  • Reaction result automatic checking and warning, calibaration result automatic checking, warning alarm log
  • Linear & nonlinear calibration, Multi-points calibration up to 8 points
  • Quality control apply to westgard, L-T plot, cumulative


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