Clinical chemistry reagents

At Eastmed, our focus is on developing reagents specifically for automatic chemistry analyzers, with an emphasis on optimizing chemistry parameters. This dedication ensures that our reagents provide laboratories with precise and reliable data. Designed to integrate seamlessly with automated systems, our reagents enhance the efficiency and consistency of laboratory tests, embodying our commitment to advancing laboratory operations through quality and innovation.

  • semi auto chemistry analyzer kits

    • Versatile: Adaptable for various applications.
    • Reliable: Ensures accurate, sensitive, and consistent results.
    • Efficient: Compatible with different analyzers, streamlining workflow and reducing waste.
  • chemistry kits

      1. Versatility: Our chemistry kits cover a broad spectrum of tests, including liver function, kidney health, cardiovascular markers, tumor profiling, coagulation, electrolytes, and nutrition, ensuring comprehensive diagnostic capability.
      2. Precision and Sensitivity: Our assays deliver accurate and sensitive results, providing healthcare professionals with reliable data for confident clinical decisions.
      3. Ease of Use and Efficiency: Designed for streamlined workflow and minimal user intervention, our chemistry kits optimize laboratory efficiency while maintaining high standards of performance and accuracy.