cell counter machine

Eastmed’s automatic hematology analyzers, known for their precision and efficiency, are ideal for diverse medical settings from hospitals to research labs globally. Offering both single and double chamber models, they meet varied laboratory needs, with the double chamber excelling in high-volume testing due to enhanced accuracy and throughput.

These analyzers leverage advanced technology for accurate blood counts, integrating sophisticated sensors and algorithms for precise measurements. The fully automated system significantly reduces manual work, increasing both reliability and efficiency, ensuring consistent results.

Built with high-quality materials, Eastmed’s analyzers promise durability even in demanding laboratory environments. They feature user-friendly interfaces and robust reporting capabilities, easily integrating with existing laboratory systems for streamlined data management.

With a focus on accessibility, Eastmed has competitively priced these analyzers, making advanced diagnostic tools available to a wide range of healthcare facilities, underscoring their commitment to providing cost-effective, quality medical solutions.

  • EM3200 cbc analyzer machine

    ApplicationErythrocyte sedimentation rate analysis
    Measurement MethodInfrared detection
    Analysis ResultWestergren ESR value (mm/hour)
  • EM7100P 5-part differential hematology analyzer

    1. Advanced Analytical Capabilities: Utilizes sheath flow cytometry and tri-angle laser scatter for precise WBC differential analysis, crucial for diagnosing and monitoring hematological conditions.
    2. Comprehensive Parameter Reporting: Offers 25 report parameters and additional research metrics, providing a detailed analysis crucial for targeted treatments.
    3. Efficient Throughput and Connectivity: Processes 60 samples per hour with minimal sample volume and integrates seamlessly with health systems via HL7 protocol, enhancing productivity and data management in busy clinical settings.
  • Em6100 cbc machine

    • Diagnostic Precision: Accurately counts blood cells and measures hemoglobin, detecting up to 21 parameters for precise diagnosis.
    • Alerts for Abnormalities: An alarm system highlights abnormal blood components, critical for timely medical intervention.
    • Operational Efficiency: Processes 60 samples per hour and stores up to 500,000 results, enhancing productivity and facilitating patient monitoring.
  • EM7100 5-Part Hematology Analyzer

    • Comprehensive Diagnostics: Offers 30 parameters, 4 scatter diagrams, and 3 histograms, enabling detailed and accurate blood analysis.
    • High Throughput: Processes 60 samples per hour with automated analysis and printing, optimizing efficiency in clinical settings.
    • Reliable System Integration: Features a robust design with LIS compatibility and sensitive detection technologies, ensuring dependable performance and seamless system integration
  • EM3200 Veterinary Blood Cell Counter

    • Species-Specific Settings: Supports settings for 13 different animals and allows additional custom programming, ensuring precise diagnostics for a wide variety of veterinary needs.
    • Rapid and Comprehensive Diagnostics: Delivers full reports in under 60 seconds with detailed data on 21 parameters and histograms, facilitating quick and informed clinical decisions.
    • Automated, User-Friendly Features: Includes automatic re-counting, built-in thermal printer for immediate reporting, and a multi-language touch screen, enhancing efficiency and ease of use in veterinary practice.