elisa reader and washer

astmed is a recognized manufacturer specializing in microplate readers and washers, crucial for conducting ELISA and other plate-based assays in biotechnological applications. These instruments are meticulously engineered to deliver precise and reliable measurements of biological, chemical, or physical reactions within microplates.

Our range includes basic models suitable for straightforward applications, as well as fully automated systems that boast advanced features such as temperature control, shaking capabilities, and multi-mode detection options. This variety ensures that researchers can find equipment perfectly tailored to their specific experimental needs and budget constraints.

When choosing a microplate reader or washer from Eastmed, it is essential to consider factors like the type of microplate, the sensitivity of the assays, and the overall functionality required. The cost of these devices varies, reflecting their features and capabilities. Eastmed is committed to quality and provides excellent after-sales support, ensuring that our equipment remains reliable and effective for all your research and diagnostic needs.

Eastmed’s microplate readers and washers are indispensable tools in any modern laboratory, designed to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of your assays.

  • W200A microplate washer

    1. Flexible Washing Heads: Offers 8-channel and 12-channel options for varied assay demands.
    2. Adjustable Parameters: Enables precise control over washing times, suction times, and other settings for accurate results.
    3. Versatile Plate Compatibility: Accommodates various plate types including flat, V, and U plates, suitable for diverse ELISA tests.
  • M200b elisa reader

    1. Accurate Diagnostics: Ensures reliable results using cutoff and call criteria, crucial for informed patient management.
    2. Dual Wavelength Capability: Supports versatile assay options with single and double wavelength analysis, enhancing diagnostic accuracy.
    3. Integrated Data Analysis: Offers onboard data management, simplifying workflow and enabling faster result processing in clinical environments.