Redefining in-vitro Diagnostics we strive to improve care and outcomes through inspired and world-leading healthcare solutions
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Shenzhen East Med Technology
a leading manufacturer of clinical laboratory equipment, committed to innovation, unparalleled service, and the highest quality standards
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Redefining in-vitro Diagnostics we strive to improve care and outcomesthrough inspired and world-leading healthcare solutions

Our Products

Semi-Auto Biochemistry Analyzer

Uncover precision and efficiency in laboratory workflows.

Fully Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer

Revolutionize diagnostics through the fusion of accuracy and automation.

Cell Counter Machine

Elevate your research with high-throughput cell analysis.

Electrolyte Analyzer

Explore advanced technology for comprehensive electrolyte analysis.

Coagulation Analyzers

Unveil critical insights into clotting disorders and related conditions.

ELISA Reader and Washer

Elevate immunoassays with reliable and precise results.

ESR Analyzer

nhance diagnostic accuracy in erythrocyte sedimentation rate testing

Urine Machine

Experience innovation in urine analysis for precise and efficient results.

About Us

Shenzhen East Medical Technology Co.,ltd

Welcome to Shenzhen East Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Since our establishment in 2012, Eastmed has been a trailblazer in delivering innovative clinical laboratory solutions, driven by an unwavering commitment to advancing healthcare through continuous research and groundbreaking technology. Our journey, starting in Shenzhen, has been punctuated by significant milestones, including our ISO 9001 certification in 2013—a testament to our relentless pursuit of precision and unwavering commitment to quality.

At Eastmed, our focus is on providing a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art products designed to redefine the standards of clinical diagnostics. From our cutting-edge Semi-Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer to the advanced capabilities of our Fully Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer, along with our high-performance Cell Counter Machine, Electrolyte Analyzer, Urine Machine, Coagulation Analyzers, ELISA Reader and Washer, ESR Analyzer, POCT Blood Test solutions, and an array of Laboratory Reagent Kits, each product encapsulates our dedication to excellence.

What truly sets us apart is our unwavering commitment not only to superior products but also unparalleled after-sales service. This dedication has earned us acclaim across 30+ countries, making us the trusted partner of choice for discerning healthcare providers globally.

Our corporate identity thrives on relentless innovation, as underscored by our three-time recognition as a high-tech enterprise. Our dedication to pioneering research remains unwavering as we continue to unveil revolutionary products that reshape healthcare paradigms and leave an indelible global impact.

As we navigate the dynamic landscape of clinical laboratories, we invite you to join us in shaping a future where standards are redefined, possibilities are limitless, and healthcare is transformed. By embracing Eastmed, you align yourself with a legacy of innovation and excellence that propels the healthcare industry forward.

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