• Precision Perfected

    The EM7100P Hematology Analyzer

    Where precision meets reliability: Elevating diagnostic confidence for superior patient care

  • Elevating Laboratory Performance

    Efficient 5-in-1 Blood Analyzer: Instant Testing for K⁺, Na⁺, Cl⁻, iCa²⁺, and iMg²⁺

    chemistry kits

      1. Versatility: Our chemistry kits cover a broad spectrum of tests, including liver function, kidney health, cardiovascular markers, tumor profiling, coagulation, electrolytes, and nutrition, ensuring comprehensive diagnostic capability.
      2. Precision and Sensitivity: Our assays deliver accurate and sensitive results, providing healthcare professionals with reliable data for confident clinical decisions.
      3. Ease of Use and Efficiency: Designed for streamlined workflow and minimal user intervention, our chemistry kits optimize laboratory efficiency while maintaining high standards of performance and accuracy.

    EM7100P 5-part differential hematology analyzer

    1. Advanced Analytical Capabilities: Utilizes sheath flow cytometry and tri-angle laser scatter for precise WBC differential analysis, crucial for diagnosing and monitoring hematological conditions.
    2. Comprehensive Parameter Reporting: Offers 25 report parameters and additional research metrics, providing a detailed analysis crucial for targeted treatments.
    3. Efficient Throughput and Connectivity: Processes 60 samples per hour with minimal sample volume and integrates seamlessly with health systems via HL7 protocol, enhancing productivity and data management in busy clinical settings.

    EM480 fully automatic biochemistry analyzer

    • Versatility and Automation: Capable of handling a variety of tests including clinical chemistry and drug testing, with full automation to ensure efficiency and accuracy.
    • Advanced Sampling Probe: Equipped with internal and external mirror polish and washing systems to reduce contamination and ensure integrity of results.
    • Low-Maintenance and User-Friendly: Designed for ease of use with minimal maintenance required, supporting smooth laboratory operations and reducing potential user error.
    • Powerful Software Features: Includes real-time monitoring, automatic dilution, and quality control management, enhancing reliability and operational efficiency.

    Instruments and Reagents for Any Size Chemistry Lab

    Semi-Auto Biochemistry Analyzer

    Explore top semi-auto chemistry analyzers: Leading manufacturers, quality reagents, and competitive prices. Ideal for medical and research labs.

    fully automatic biochemistry analyzer

    Explore top fully automatic biochemistry analyzers for small and medium labs: Best prices, renowned manufacturers, optimal quality.

    Cell Counter Machine

    Find the best cell counters: Top manufacturers, advanced features, competitive pricing for lab precision and efficiency

    Electrolyte Analyzer

    Explore top Electrolyte Analyzers: Affordable, advanced diagnostic technology for precise electrolyte measurement

    ELISA Reader and Washer

    Explore bio microplate readers & washers. Affordable prices from top manufacturers

    Urine Machine

    Optimized urine analyzers and test strips for diagnostic accuracy. Competitive prices.

    coagulation analyzer

    Top Coagulation Analyzer Manufacturers: Manual to Fully Automated, Compact, Best Prices & Features.

    Chemistry Kits

    Experience innovation in urine analysis for precise and efficient results.


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