Coagulation Analyzers

Eastmed presents its innovative range of coagulation analyzers, expertly designed to meet the diverse requirements of modern medical laboratories. Our collection includes both fully automated and semi-automated models, each embodying the perfect blend of manual precision and automated efficiency.

Our coagulation analyzers operate on the principle of optical detection, ensuring accurate blood coagulation testing. This advanced optical technology is the cornerstone of our analyzers, providing reliable results essential for diagnosing and monitoring coagulation disorders.

In the realm of automation, Eastmed’s fully automated coagulation analyzers stand out for their ease of use and high throughput, ideal for busy laboratories needing quick, reliable results with minimal manual intervention. These analyzers are designed for seamless integration into various laboratory workflows, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

For laboratories requiring more hands-on control, our semi-automated models offer the perfect solution. These analyzers combine automated processes with manual flexibility, allowing for a more tailored approach to coagulation testing. Their compact design makes them an excellent choice for smaller labs or those with limited space, without compromising on functionality or accuracy.

Price is a key consideration at Eastmed. We strive to make our coagulation analyzers accessible to a wide range of medical facilities by offering them at competitive prices. This approach ensures that quality coagulation testing is within reach for many, without sacrificing performance or reliability.

  • Star450 semi automated coagulation analyzer

    ApplicationErythrocyte sedimentation rate analysis
    Measurement MethodInfrared detection
    Analysis ResultWestergren ESR value (mm/hour)
  • Star102 coagulation analyzer

    1. Nephelometric Accuracy: Utilizes a 90° nephelometric method for precise and reliable measurements, crucial for sensitive diagnostic tests.
    2. Independent Operation Areas: Features separate zones for measurement and incubation, allowing simultaneous processing of multiple tests, which enhances lab efficiency.
    3. Robust Anti-Interference: Offers strong resistance to sample interferences like jaundice, hemolysis, and hyperlipidemia, ensuring consistent and dependable results.
  • Star101 blood coagulation analyzer

    1. Optical Detection with Automation: Uses a sensitive optical method for rapid, accurate coagulation testing, essential for timely clinical decisions.
    2. User-Friendly and Portable: Equipped with a 4.3” touch screen interface and portable design, simplifying operation in various medical environments.
    3. Efficient and High Capacity: Features magnetic stirring for uniform results, large storage for 200,000 results and 1,000 curves, and integrated smart software for effective workflow management.