Electrolyte Analyzer

Eastmed proudly presents its Electrolyte Analyzer, an advanced medical device tailored for precision in measuring ion concentrations in blood samples. This analyzer has become an indispensable tool in clinical care and diagnostics, meeting the diverse needs of healthcare environments both in China and across the globe.

The centerpiece of this remarkable machine is its Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) Technology. This innovative feature ensures accurate readings of crucial electrolytes like sodium, potassium, and chloride, making it a cornerstone of reliable testing. The fully automated system of the analyzer stands out, streamlining the testing process, reducing manual errors, and enhancing overall workflow efficiency, thus ensuring consistent and reliable results.

Ease of use is at the forefront of the Electrolyte Analyzer’s design. With its intuitive interface, medical professionals can operate it effortlessly, allowing for quick and accurate interpretation of results, a critical factor in fast-paced medical settings.

The analyzer’s compact and efficient design makes it a versatile fit for various medical environments, from small clinics to large hospitals. It’s crafted for space efficiency without compromising on testing capabilities, addressing the need for swift and reliable diagnostics.

Constructed with top-grade materials, the Eastmed Electrolyte Analyzer is built for durability and longevity, even in demanding use scenarios. It also integrates seamlessly with existing laboratory information systems, facilitating efficient data management and reporting.

Eastmed has thoughtfully priced the Electrolyte Analyzer, considering the diverse needs of both Chinese and international markets. This competitive pricing strategy makes the analyzer an accessible and attractive option for a wide range of healthcare settings, enhancing its appeal in tenders and procurement processes.

  • Dry electrolyte analyzer STAX1000

  • EM2800 electrolyte analyser

    1. Comprehensive Ion Measurement: Models offer a diverse range of ions like K+, Na+, Cl-, and HCO3-, allowing for specific applications in clinical settings.
    2. High Precision: Reliable accuracy in ion measurements is crucial for accurate patient diagnosis and monitoring.
    3. Automation: Features like automated sampling and calibration streamline operations, increasing efficiency and reducing potential for errors in busy environments.
  • EM3000T electrolyte analyzer machine

    • Accuracy and Reliability: Utilizes Direct Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) technology for precise electrolyte measurements, crucial in critical care.
    • Automatic Calibration and Standby Modes: Minimizes manual intervention and ensures readiness, improving efficiency in high-demand settings.
    • Range of Measurable Electrolytes: Models offer measurements for various electrolytes like K+, Na+, Cl-, and more, providing comprehensive metabolic evaluations in one device.
  • EM2000 electrolyte machine

    • Highly Accurate Results: Delivers reliable and precise measurements across key ions and pH, essential for dependable patient diagnostics.
    • Optimized Workflow with Low Maintenance: Designed for ease of use with minimal maintenance, automatic calibration, and intuitive operation, enhancing lab efficiency.
    • Compact and User-Friendly Design: Its space-saving size and easy-to-navigate touchscreen interface facilitate seamless integration and operation in busy lab environments.