Dry electrolyte analyzer STAX1000

Discover our advanced point-of-care electrolyte analyzer featuring a “5-in-1” cartridge for concurrent testing of K⁺, Na⁺, Cl⁻, iCa²⁺, and iMg²⁺. Utilizing dry electrochemical technology and exclusive molecular probes, it ensures swift calibration and testing in under 5 minutes. This maintenance-free device requires only 100 µL of whole blood, offering instant results without fluidic pathways. Its compact, portable design supports over 50 consecutive tests per charge and integrates seamlessly with LIS/HIS systems.

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  • “5-in-1” Cartridge: Including iMg²⁺. Maintenance-free.
  • Concurrent Testing: For K⁺, Na⁺, Cl⁻, iCa²⁺, and iMg²⁺.
  • Ionized Magnesium (iMg²⁺) Testing
  • Dry Electrochemical Technology: With a patented pellet structure design.
  • Exclusive Molecular Probes and Algorithms
  • Swift Calibration and Testing: Complete in under 5 minutes with a built-in calibration solution.
  • Whole Blood Testing: Provides instant results.
  • Minimum Sample Volume: Requirement of only 100 µL.
  • No Fluidic Pathways: For hassle-free operation and minimal maintenance.
  • Compact and Portable Design: Over 50 consecutive tests on a single charge, with built-in barcode scanner and thermal printer, and connection to LIS/HIS.


5-in-1 Cartridge

Including iMg??. Maintenance-free.

Concurrent Testing

and iMg??, Cl?, iCa??, K?, Na?

Ionized Magnesium Testing



Dry electrochemical technology with a patented pellet structure design

Probes and Algorithms

Exclusive molecular probes and algorithms

Calibration and Testing

Swift calibration and testing in under 5 minutes

Calibration Solution


Sample Type

Whole blood testing for instant results

Sample Volume

Minimum sample volume requirement (100 μL)


No fluidic pathways for hassle-free operation and minimal maintenance

Test Cartridges

Room temperature stored test cartridges (up to 8 months)


Compact and portable design for on-the-go use

Battery Life

Over 50 consecutive tests on a single charge with the built-in lithium battery

Additional Features

Built-in barcode scanner and thermal printer

Data Storage

999 records, Stores over 99


Connection to LIS/HIS

Test Range (iMg??)

0.2 – 1.5 mmol/L

Accuracy Validation

Cl?, iCa??, iMg??) demonstrating strong positive, linear relationship between two analyzers, Na?, R? > 0.94 for all parameters (K?