Star101 blood coagulation analyzer

The STAR101 Coagulation Analyzer excels in precision with its sensitive optical detection method, ensuring rapid and accurate coagulation testing. This high-performance device features an advanced magnetic stirring system for uniform results, integrated with a user-friendly touch screen for streamlined operation. It is essential for diagnosing and monitoring coagulation disorders, making it a reliable choice for medical professionals seeking accuracy and efficiency.

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  • Sensitive Optical Detection: Ensures precise results for weak reactions.
  • Simultaneous Multiple Tests: Performs PT, aPTT, and TT concurrently for efficient testing.
  • User-Friendly Touch Screen: Features a 4.3” intuitive interface for easy operation.
  • Portable and Compact: Ideal for on-the-go testing environments.
  • Magnetic Stirring: Ensures uniform mixing for reliable outcomes.
  • Large Storage Capacity: Holds up to 200,000 results and 1,000 curves.
  • Real-Time Result Printing: Built-in thermal printer for immediate documentation.
  • Automated Functions: Includes automated calibration and advanced software for streamlined
Convenient Operation Through Touch Screen:

4.3” touch screen, friendly user interface, convenient operation.

Optical Detection Method, More Sensitive:

Optical method is more sensitive than magnetic bead method, more suitable for detecting weak reactions.

Powerful Inner Core, Huge Storage

Storage of 200000 results and 1000 curves,results are stored without pressure.

Magnetic Stirring, More Efficient:

Equipped with magnetic stirring system, the stirring is more uniform and the result is more accurate.

Intelligent & Humanized Software:

Integrate parameter editing, quality control management, real-time curve and other functions, more effective work.Support PT-FIB algorithm, save reagents (Advance calibration is required).

Automatic calibration (Automatic save of calibration results).

Real Time Printing of Results:

The instrument is equipped with thermal printer, real time results can be printed.