Star102 coagulation analyzer

The coagulation analyzer excels in precision with a 90° nephelometric method for exact measurements. It features universal cuvette compatibility, enhancing its adaptability across different test setups. Independent operation areas allow simultaneous assays, boosting efficiency. Its robust design offers superior resistance to interferences such as jaundice and hemolysis, ensuring reliable results even in complex samples. Ideal for high-demand environments seeking accuracy and durability.

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  1. Open System: Compatible with various reagents and cuvettes for lab flexibility.
  2. 90° Nephelometric Measurement: Ensures precise and accurate results.
  3. Independent Timers: Facilitates accurate incubation and reagent addition timing.
  4. Simultaneous Multiple Assays: Enables concurrent testing to enhance lab efficiency.
  5. High Anti-Interference: Reliable results from samples with jaundice, hemolysis, or hyperlipidemia.
  6. Built-In Printer: High-speed thermal printer for immediate result documentation.
Measurement Method90° nephelometric
System TypeOpen system, universal cuvette compatibility
Sample Volume50~100μL
Reagent Volume50~100μL
Temperature Accuracy37±1°C
Channel Bias≤10%
Power Supply100~240V AC, 50/60Hz
Dimensions340mm x 340mm x 170mm
FeaturesIndependent areas for measurement and incubation, timer for incubation and reagent addition, high anti-interference capability, built-in high-speed thermal printer