EM480 fully automatic biochemistry analyzer

The EM480 fully automatic biochemistry analyzer is an exemplary tool for medical laboratories, prioritizing precision and low-maintenance operation. It features high-precision technology, including a ceramic syringe for accurate sample dispensing down to 0.1 µl and a finely tuned temperature control within reaction trays. This precision ensures reliable and consistent test results, crucial for diagnostic accuracy. Additionally, the analyzer is designed for low maintenance, requiring minimal intervention. This reduces both downtime and operational costs, making the EM480 an efficient and economical choice for busy laboratories.

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  • Open random-access design for wide range of tests with minimal intervention.
  • User-friendly interface and low-maintenance operation.
  • Compact design for top-notch performance and efficiency.
  • Versatile for clinical chemistry, immunochemistry, and drug testing.
  • Fully automated for quick and accurate testing.
  • High-performance for accurate results every time.
  • Low-maintenance operation saves time and money.
  • Cutting-edge technology for improved efficiency and performance.
  • Suitable for routine testing and specialized assays.
  • Innovative design for best performance, efficiency, and ease of use


Sampling Probe:

  • External & internal mirror polish, external & internal probe washing(reducing carry-over)
  • Dedicated sampling probe equipped with a sensitive liquid sensor, timely feedback of reagent & sample
  • Collision protection
  • Automatic probe depth adjusting
Excellent mixer design:

  • Teflon coating mixer. No water dropping (reducing carry-over)
  • Excellent mixing effect with standard mixing procedure
Washing station:

  • 6 needles wash-station
  • Twice washing
  • Effective washing to ensure the accurate result and valid diagn
Multi-functional sample & reagent tray:

  • 90 reagent positions
  • 120 sample positions, micro cup & test tube can be used
  • Non-stop cooling system with Peltier pad inside, 24 hours 2°C-14°C
    Bar code reader(optional)
Reaction tray:

  • 90 reaction cuvettes
  • Reaction volume as low as 150ul
  • Stable & accurate temperature (37‡0.1 °C) for reaction
High-precision ceramic syringe:

  • Sample dispensing by frequency converting design
  • Permanent ceramic piston
  • Accurate dispensing as low as 01ul

Powerful Software:

  • User-friendly software interface simple, easy-to-operation
  • Sample automatic dilution (decrease, increase, normal)
  • Masking tests when reagent or standard is exhaustedCalibrator auto-dilution
  • Linear & nonlinear calibration
  • Multi-points calibration up to 8 points
  • Quality control apply to Westgard, L-T plot, CumulativeReal-time display of running status
  • Real-time display of status of reagent tray, sample tray and reaction tray
  • Real-time updating of reagent residuals
  • Real-time marking of defective cuvette
  • Reaction result automatic checking and warning
  • Calibration result automate
  • ic checking and warning
  • Alarm log: Automatic alarm and record in alarm list with explanations during running process


Weight36 kg
Dimensions20 × 15 × 50 cm