EM200Plus Fully-Automated Chemistry Analyzer

The benchtop biochemistry analyzer is ideal for small to medium labs, offering high-speed processing with 200 tests/hour and a dual reagent system. It supports 80 reagent and 40 sample positions, features precise multi-wavelength detection, and advanced safety technologies. Its compact design saves space while ensuring fast, accurate results, making it essential for efficient, reliable patient care

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Compact Design: Its benchtop format is particularly advantageous, allowing for efficient use of laboratory space. This feature is crucial in settings where room is at a premium but operational capacity cannot be compromised.

High-speed Testing: With the ability to conduct 200 tests per hour using a dual reagent system, the analyzer facilitates rapid processing of samples. This high throughput is essential in busy clinical environments, helping reduce wait times and enabling faster decision-making in patient care.

Comprehensive Capability: The analyzer’s large capacity for reagents and samples (80 reagent positions and 40 sample positions) allows for extensive testing before requiring replenishments. This, combined with features like a non-stop cooling system and optional barcode reader, maximizes operational efficiency and test accuracy.

Advanced Safety and Precision: The inclusion of features like accurate liquid level sensing, anti-collision protection, and precise multi-wavelength detection ensures that tests are not only conducted quickly but also with high accuracy. Such detailed and reliable analysis is crucial for correct diagnosis and treatment planning.

User-Friendly Operation: The sophisticated operating system includes features such as automatic checks and warnings for reaction results and calibration, as well as advanced quality control protocols. These aspects simplify the complexities of bioanalytical procedures, making the analyzer accessible to laboratory technicians of varying skill levels and ensuring consistent results.

Key Features:

  • High-speed testing: 200 tests/hour with double reagent
  • Large capacity: 80 reagent & 40 sample positions
  • Accurate liquid level sensing
  • Anti-collision protection
  • Precise multi-wavelength detection
  • Crystal clear results with new amorphous optical cups
  • Multifunctional sampling probe for easy maintenance
  • Sensitive liquid sensor for feedback on residuals
  • Collision protection for safe testing
  • Automatic probe depth adjustment


Multifunctional precision sampling probe:

• External & internal mirror polish, external & internal probe washing
• Dedicated sampling probe equipped with sensitive liquid sensor, timely feedback of reagent & sample residuals
• Collision protection, automatic probe depth adjusting

 Excellent mixer design:

• Teflon coating mixer. No water dropping(reducing carry-over)
• Excellent mixing effect with standard mixing prosedure

 Reagent tray & Sample tray:

• 80 reagent positions, 40 sample positions
• Non-stop cooling system with peltier pad inside, 24 hours 2°C-14°C
• Bar code reader (optional)

 Reaction tray:

• 44 reaction cuvettes
• Reaction volume as low as 150ul
• Stable & accurate temperature (37‡0.1°C) for reaction

Washing system:

3*4 steps automatic washingEfficient cleaning to ensure accurate results and reliable diagnnosis

Advanced operating system:

• User-friendly software interface simple, easy-to-operation
• Sample automatic dilution (decrease, increase, normal)
• Reaction result automatic checking and warning, calibration result automatic checking, warning alarm log
Linear & nonlinear calibration, Multi-points calibration up to 8 points
• Quality control apply to westgard, L-T plot, cumulative


Comprehensive Software Setup for EM200Plus: Installation & Parameter Configuration

EM200Plus Chemistry Analyzer Installation Guide: Unbox, Install, and Connect

EM200Plus Chemistry Analyzer Maintenance Training: Complete Guide to Replacements and Upkeep

 EM200Plus Fully Auto Chemistry Analyzer Demonstration: See It in Action


Weight36 kg
Dimensions20 × 15 × 50 cm