EM7100 5-Part Hematology Analyzer

The EM7100 hematology analyzer is ideal for medium to small labs, offering advanced features and precision. With a high throughput of 60 samples per hour and semiconductor laser flow cytometry for accurate WBC analysis, it’s robust and efficient. The system supports comprehensive CBC+DIFF modes and connects seamlessly with LIS, enhancing diagnostic capabilities and workflow

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  • High Throughput: Processes 60 samples per hour, enhancing laboratory productivity.
  • Advanced Diagnostics: Supports CBC and CBC+DIFF test modes for detailed blood analysis.
  • Precision Technology: Uses semiconductor laser flow cytometry for accurate white blood cell analysis.
  • Efficient Sample Use: Requires only 20µL of blood, minimizing patient discomfort.
  • Robust Connectivity: Compatible with LIS; supports multiple USB devices for seamless data integration.
  • Reliable Quality Control: Features automatic calibration with L-J and X-B quality control modes.

Technical Specifications:

  • Throughput: 60 samples per hour
  • Display & Interface: 10.4-inch touch screen display with a built-in soft keyboard
  • Sample Consumption: 20µL for Venous, Capillary, Pre-diluted modes
  • Working Environment: Temperature: 10-30°C, Humidity: ≤70%
  • Test Modes: CBC, CBC+DIFF
  • Calibration: Auto and manual options
  • Dimensions & Weight: 364mm x 498mm x 431mm; 26.5 kg
  • Storage: 50,000 sample results including scatter diagrams and histograms
  • Parameters Measured: Extensive range including WBC, RBC, HGB, PLT, etc.
  • Linearity Range: Covers WBC, RBC, PLT, HGB
  • Quality Control Modes: L-J, X-B
  • Measuring Principles: Laser flow cytometry for WBC; electrical impedance for RBC/PLT; colorimetric method for HGB
  • Additional Features: Anti-clogging methods, multiple alarms, automatic maintenance, user permission management
  • External Connectivity: Supports keyboard, mouse, barcode scanner, multiple printers; open protocol for LIS
  • Reagents: Original reagents provided
  • Data Ports: Network port, RS-232 port, four USB ports
  • Software Upgrading: Via USB port

Maintenance Guidelines

Daily Maintenance:

  • Flush System: Function > Service > Maintenance > Maintain > Flush
  • Clean Apertures: Burn and inverted flush for WBC and RBC apertures

Weekly Maintenance:

  • Clean Sample Probe: Function > Service > Maintenance > Clean > Clean sample probe
  • Soak All Components: Function > Service > Maintenance > Maintain > Soakall

Monthly Maintenance:

  • Calibration: Once per month; navigate to: Function > Calibrate > Calibrator
  • General System Checks: Turn on the analyzer at least once per week; empty fluidics if not used for over 7 days


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Weight36 kg
Dimensions20 × 15 × 50 cm