EM380 fully auto chemistry analyzer

The EM380 fully auto chemistry analyzer is designed for clinical settings that demand both high efficiency and precision in laboratory testing. This cutting-edge system offers a robust solution for busy labs, capable of conducting up to 300 tests per hour, ensuring rapid turnaround times and optimal patient care.


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Top Precision: Equipped with advanced sampling technologies and a precise reaction tray that maintains accurate temperature controls. The system minimizes errors and ensures the highest quality of testing results with features like automatic probe depth adjustments and sensitive liquid sensors.

Best Quality: Delivers high-quality results through its state-of-the-art design, which includes a non-stop cooling system for reagents, and a Teflon-coated mixer that prevents contamination.

Cost-Effective: The EM380 is particularly noted for its low reagent consumption—just 150ul per test—which significantly reduces the cost per test and operational expenses. This makes it an economical choice for medical facilities looking to decrease costs without compromising quality.

Service: Backed by comprehensive service and support to ensure seamless operation and maintenance, the EM380 streamlines workflows and enhances the productivity of any clinical laboratory.

Sampling Probe:

  • External & internal mirror polish, external & internal probe wash-
    ing(reducing carry-over)
  • Dedicated sampling probe equipped with a sensitive liquid sensor, timely feedback of reagent & sample residuals
  • Collision protection
  • Automatic probe depth adjusting
Multi-Functional Sample & Reagent Tray:

• 70 reagent positions
• 70 sample positions, micro cup & test tube can be used
• Non-stop cooling system with Peltier pad inside, 24 hours 2°C
• Bar code reader(optional)


Reaction Tray:

• 90 reaction cuvettes
• Reaction volume as low as 150ul
• Stable & accurate temperature
(37÷0.1 °C) for reaction

Excellent Mixer Design:

• Teflon coating mixer. No water dropping (reducing carry-over)
• Excellent mixing effect with standard mixing procedure

Washing Station:

• 5 needles wash-station
• Triple washing
• Effective washing to ensure accurate results and valid diagnostics


High-precision Ceramic Syringe:

• Sample dispensing by frequency converting design
• Permanent ceramic piston
• Accurate dispensing as low as 0.1ul