EM200 biochemistry analyzer

The EM200 Auto Chemistry Analyzer is the ideal choice for entry-level clinics and labs seeking robust, precise, and cost-effective solutions. Capable of 200 tests per hour with low reagent consumption and advanced sampling technology, it ensures reliable results with minimal operational costs. Perfect for high-efficiency testing needs.

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  • 200 tests/hour, double reagents
  • Innovation design
  • Smart combination
  • 200 tests per hour-time efficiency
  • Automated testing & low maintenance-operation efficiency
  • 150ul reagent consumption-cost efficiency
  • Accurate & reliable results
  • User-friendly interface
  • Large data storage
  • Wide application range


Sampling probe:

  • External & internal mirror polish, external & internal probe washing(reducing carry-over)
  • Dedicated sampling probe equipped with sensitive liquid sensor, timely feedback of reagent & sample residuals
  • Collision protection
  • Automatic probe depth adjusting


Multi-functional sample & reagent tray:

  • 80 reagent positions (40 for R1, 40 for R2)
  • 40 sample positions, micro cup & test tube can be used
  • Non-stop cooling system with peltier pad inside, 24 hours 2°C-14°C
  • Bar code reader(optional)
Reaction tray:

  • 44 reaction cuvettes
  • Reaction volume as low as 150ul
  • Stable & accurate temperature (37‡0.1 °C) for reaction
Excellent mixer design:

  • Teflon coating mixer. No water dropping (reducing carry-over)
  • Excellent mixing


Comprehensive Setup Guide for EM200 Auto Chemistry Analyzer: Installation & Software Configuration

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Test Throughput: Maintains a constant rate of 400 tests per hour (mono or double reagent).
Reagent Tray: Holds 90 reagent cuvettes.
Sample Tray: Accommodates 120 sample positions, compatible with micro and test tube samples.
Sample Volume: Adjustable from 2 to 30 microliters, in 0.1 microliter increments.
Water Consumption: Maximum of 15 liters per hour.
Wavelength: Includes 340nm, 405nm, 450nm, 505nm, 546nm, 578nm, 630nm, with optional wavelengths.
Test Methods: Supports 1 point end, 2 point end, Fixed-Time, and 2 point end assays.
Reagent Volume: Ranges from 20 to 300 microliters, in 1 microliter increments.
Probe System: Equipped with two probes for efficient sample and reagent handling.
Barcode Reader: Optional (for sample traceability and workflow automation).