• U300 urine analysis machine

    1. Quick and Accurate Results – Essential for timely decision-making and effective patient care in high-volume settings.
    2. User-Friendly Interface with Large Touch Screen Display – Reduces training time and minimizes errors, improving usability in busy environments.
    3. Enhanced Precision through Computer Vision Technology – Ensures reliable diagnostics with advanced accuracy, crucial for accurate patient assessment.
  • EM2800 electrolyte analyser

    1. Comprehensive Ion Measurement: Models offer a diverse range of ions like K+, Na+, Cl-, and HCO3-, allowing for specific applications in clinical settings.
    2. High Precision: Reliable accuracy in ion measurements is crucial for accurate patient diagnosis and monitoring.
    3. Automation: Features like automated sampling and calibration streamline operations, increasing efficiency and reducing potential for errors in busy environments.
  • chemistry kits

      1. Versatility: Our chemistry kits cover a broad spectrum of tests, including liver function, kidney health, cardiovascular markers, tumor profiling, coagulation, electrolytes, and nutrition, ensuring comprehensive diagnostic capability.
      2. Precision and Sensitivity: Our assays deliver accurate and sensitive results, providing healthcare professionals with reliable data for confident clinical decisions.
      3. Ease of Use and Efficiency: Designed for streamlined workflow and minimal user intervention, our chemistry kits optimize laboratory efficiency while maintaining high standards of performance and accuracy.
  • W200A microplate washer

    1. Flexible Washing Heads: Offers 8-channel and 12-channel options for varied assay demands.
    2. Adjustable Parameters: Enables precise control over washing times, suction times, and other settings for accurate results.
    3. Versatile Plate Compatibility: Accommodates various plate types including flat, V, and U plates, suitable for diverse ELISA tests.
  • M200b elisa reader

    1. Accurate Diagnostics: Ensures reliable results using cutoff and call criteria, crucial for informed patient management.
    2. Dual Wavelength Capability: Supports versatile assay options with single and double wavelength analysis, enhancing diagnostic accuracy.
    3. Integrated Data Analysis: Offers onboard data management, simplifying workflow and enabling faster result processing in clinical environments.
  • Star102 coagulation analyzer

    1. Nephelometric Accuracy: Utilizes a 90° nephelometric method for precise and reliable measurements, crucial for sensitive diagnostic tests.
    2. Independent Operation Areas: Features separate zones for measurement and incubation, allowing simultaneous processing of multiple tests, which enhances lab efficiency.
    3. Robust Anti-Interference: Offers strong resistance to sample interferences like jaundice, hemolysis, and hyperlipidemia, ensuring consistent and dependable results.
  • EM7100P 5-part differential hematology analyzer

    1. Advanced Analytical Capabilities: Utilizes sheath flow cytometry and tri-angle laser scatter for precise WBC differential analysis, crucial for diagnosing and monitoring hematological conditions.
    2. Comprehensive Parameter Reporting: Offers 25 report parameters and additional research metrics, providing a detailed analysis crucial for targeted treatments.
    3. Efficient Throughput and Connectivity: Processes 60 samples per hour with minimal sample volume and integrates seamlessly with health systems via HL7 protocol, enhancing productivity and data management in busy clinical settings.
  • EM90 semi automated clinical chemistry analyzer

    • Versatile Testing: Supports both flow cell and cuvette methods.
    • Accurate Temperature Control: Ensures consistent, reliable results.
    • Wide Wavelength Range: Includes essential filters with options for additional ones, accommodating diverse tests
  • EM88D biochemistry machine

    1. Flexible Testing: Supports multiple analysis methods like End point and Kinetics, essential for diverse clinical diagnostics.
    2. Precise Temperature Control: Features Peltier elements for accurate temperature regulation, crucial for consistent test results.
    3. Robust Data Management: Offers extensive storage for up to 200,000 results and seamless LIS/HIS integration, enhancing laboratory efficiency
  • em88a

    Analysis Method1 point end, 2 point end (Sample blank), Kinetics, Fixed-time. Coagulation
    Optics:7 filters, 340, 405, 450, 505, 546, 578, 630. 2 more for optional Warranty 5 years for each filter
    Lamp HouseLong-life Tungsten Halogen Lamp(6V 10W), Auto-Sleep Function
    Display7.0″ TFT LCD with touch screen, 800*480 pixels
  • em88

    Analysis Method2 point end, Absorbence, End point, Fixed time, Kinetics
    Optical405, 450, 505, 546, 578, 630 nm; 2 extra filters optional, Filters: 340
    Light Source6V/10W halogen lamp
    Resolution0.0001 Abs
  • EM380 fully auto chemistry analyzer

    1. High Throughput: Capable of conducting up to 300 tests per hour, enhancing productivity in busy lab environments.
    2. Advanced Sampling and Reaction Capabilities: Features like sensitive liquid sensing, automatic probe adjustments, and precise temperature control in the reaction tray ensure reliability and accuracy in test results.
    3. Cost Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability: Low reagent consumption per test reduces operating costs and supports environmental sustainability, making it economically and ecologically beneficial.