EM101 fully automated esr analyzer

The EM101 is a fully automated ESR analyzer that streamlines erythrocyte sedimentation rate testing with a large 7-inch touch screen and dual 30-minute and 60-minute operation modes. It offers seamless LIS integration and optional barcode reading, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in clinical diagnostics. This makes the EM101 ideal for rapid, reliable ESR analysis in any healthcare setting.


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  • 7-Inch Touch Screen: Offers a large and interactive display.
  • Dual Operation Modes: Choose between 30-minute or 60-minute tests.
  • ESR Curve Display and Print: Provides visualization and hard copies of results.
  • Barcode Reader and LIS Integration: Supports optional barcode scanning and connects with laboratory information systems for efficient workflow.


PrincipleField of Application: Erythrocyte sedimentation rate analysis
Measuring Principle: Infrared sensor
Analysis Result: Westergren ESR value (mm/hr)
Test Speed/CapacityThroughput: Up to 80 samples per hour
Reading Channels: 40
Loading Capacity: 40 samples at the same time
Loading Pattern: Random
Storage: 4,000 results
Test RangeMeasuring Time: 30 minutes or 60 minutes (selectable)
Sample Interval: 3 minutes
Measurement Range: 1-140 mm/h
Temperature Compensation: Refer to 18°C (selectable)
Reading Resolution: ±0.1 mm
Result Resolution: 1 mm/1h, 1 mm/2h
Blood Level Range: 50mm – 64mm
Output/InterfaceInterface: RS-232 serial port
Print: Internal thermal recorder
Power/Working ConditionPower Supply: AC100-240V, 50-60Hz, 50W
Operation Conditions: Temperature 5°C – 40°C, Humidity <80%
Dimension/WeightDimension: 365mm x 300mm x 180mm (LxWxH)
Net Weight: 11 Kg
Machine type

Random access, open reagent & locked reagent (optional)


Constant 400 tests/hour (Mono reagent or double reagent)


Colorimetric method, turbidimetry


1 point end, 2 point end, Fixed-Time, Kinetics