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Step into the realm of precision and reliability in laboratory testing with Eastmed.Explore our comprehensive range of Chemistry Reagent Kits, Calibrators, and Quality Control (QC) solutions – the building blocks for seamless and accurate analyses in your laboratory.

Starting with Chemistry Reagent Kits, we’ve got you covered across a spectrum of chemistries – from organic to inorganic and analytical. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these kits meet the highest quality standards and come complete with all the essentials your lab needs.

But our offerings don’t stop there. Our selection extends to Calibrators and Quality Control options, ensuring the precision and stability of your tests. Calibrators play a pivotal role in maintaining accurate measurements, while QC solutions let you keep a close eye on your lab’s performance.

At Eastmed, we value the importance of timely and reliable supplies. Our seamless shipment solution ensures that your Chemistry Reagent Kits, Calibrators, and QC materials reach you promptly and in impeccable condition.

We’re dedicated to enhancing your laboratory’s capabilities. With Eastmed’s Chemistry Reagent Kits, Calibrators, and QC solutions, you can be confident that your lab is operating at its finest. Dive into the world of precision with Eastmed today.

Enhance your laboratory diagnostics experience with our exceptional product range, meticulously crafted to cater to a multitude of applications, including those compatible with semi-auto biochemistry analyzers. Our offerings are distinguished by a remarkable array of features:

  • Versatility Across Applications: Seamlessly adapt our solutions to a wide spectrum of testing needs, including those ideal for semi-auto biochemistry analyzers.
  • Precision and Sensitivity: Count on our products for accurate and sensitive results that meet the highest standards of reliability, even in semi-auto setups.
  • Consistent Reliability: Our products consistently deliver reliable performance, aligning seamlessly with the needs of semi-auto biochemistry analyzers.
  • Flexibility Across Platforms: Enjoy the convenience of compatibility with both semi-auto and low-speed fully-auto analyzers, ensuring adaptability to your laboratory’s setup.
  • Efficient Workflow, Reduced Waste: Streamline your workflow and reduce waste with our single reagent solution, optimizing your semi-auto biochemistry analyzer usage.
  • Long-lasting Stability: Our products maintain stability and shelf-life, ensuring prolonged excellence in semi-auto settings.
  • Specificity and Minimal Interference: Experience low interference and high specificity, crucial for maintaining accuracy, especially on semi-auto platforms.
  • User-friendly Storage and Maintenance: Our products are designed for easy storage and minimal maintenance, catering to the practicalities of semi-auto biochemistry analyzers.
  • Exceptional Value: Despite their exceptional quality, our competitively priced products ensure affordability, ideal for optimizing your semi-auto setup investment.

Our versatile product range encompasses an array of applications, making it ideal for semi-auto biochemistry analyzers.


Discover unparalleled performance and precision in laboratory diagnostics with Eastmed’s Chemistry Reagent Kits designed exclusively for fully auto chemistry analyzers. Our comprehensive range of Chemistry Reagent Kits is tailored to elevate your diagnostic capabilities to new heights, offering a host of features that ensure accuracy, efficiency, and seamless integration into your laboratory workflow.Engineered to cater specifically to fully auto chemistry analyzers, our Chemistry Reagent Kits are optimized to provide accurate and reliable results with every test.


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