• EM7100 5-Part Hematology Analyzer

    • Comprehensive Diagnostics: Offers 30 parameters, 4 scatter diagrams, and 3 histograms, enabling detailed and accurate blood analysis.
    • High Throughput: Processes 60 samples per hour with automated analysis and printing, optimizing efficiency in clinical settings.
    • Reliable System Integration: Features a robust design with LIS compatibility and sensitive detection technologies, ensuring dependable performance and seamless system integration
  • EM480 fully automatic biochemistry analyzer

    • Versatility and Automation: Capable of handling a variety of tests including clinical chemistry and drug testing, with full automation to ensure efficiency and accuracy.
    • Advanced Sampling Probe: Equipped with internal and external mirror polish and washing systems to reduce contamination and ensure integrity of results.
    • Low-Maintenance and User-Friendly: Designed for ease of use with minimal maintenance required, supporting smooth laboratory operations and reducing potential user error.
    • Powerful Software Features: Includes real-time monitoring, automatic dilution, and quality control management, enhancing reliability and operational efficiency.