Em100 Automated ESR Analyzer

The EM100 ESR Analyzer is a sophisticated, robust tool designed for high precision in erythrocyte sedimentation rate testing. Featuring advanced photoelectric sensor technology, it ensures reliable and accurate detection across up to 20 channels. This system supports immediate sample processing, which, combined with its ability to deliver ESR results within 30 minutes, makes it exceptionally efficient. Suitable for any hospital or medical research setting, the EM100 also offers flexible sample loading and robust data management capabilities, including a built-in thermal printer and LIS/HIS connectivity. This analyzer stands out for its precision in diagnostics and durable, user-friendly design, making it an essential asset in fast-paced medical environments.

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  • Automated ESR Testing: Delivers faster and more accurate results using advanced automation.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for all levels of hospitals and medical research facilities.
  • Photoelectric Sensor Technology: Ensures reliable detection through precise photoelectric sensors.
  • Multi-Channel Capability: Accommodates up to 20 channels for efficient simultaneous testing.
  • Instant Sample Processing: Provides immediate testing upon sample insertion.
  • Accurate Sample Scanning: Scans all channels to ensure precise detection of displacement signals.
  • Integrated Computer System: Equipped with a built-in computer for secure signal and data storage.
  • Quick ESR Readings: Generates ESR results in just 30 minutes.
  • Flexible Sample Loading: Features random loading compatible with ESR tubes.
  • Comprehensive Connectivity and Output: Includes a thermal printer and supports connectivity with LIS/HIS systems for streamlined data management.


Measuring PrincipleInfrared Kinetic photometry
Test Channels20
ESR Throughput40 tests per hour
Measuring ItemsESR (Westergren and Wintrobe), HCT
ESR Measuring Range0-160 mm/h
ESR Measuring Accuracy±1 mm
HCT Measuring Range0.2 to 1
HCT Measuring Accuracy±0.03
CV (Coefficient of Variation)≤3%
Sample Volume1.5 ml
ESR Measuring Time30 minutes
HCT Measuring Time<1 minute
Data InquiryN/A
Loading PatternRandom
Active PatternAutomatically
Data StorageMore than 255 results (HCT and ESR)
Dimension28 cm x 29 cm x 20 cm
DisplayDisplays ESR real-time result and curve on LCD
PrinterInternal thermal printer
Printing ContentResult & curve
Data PortRS-232 port supporting HIS/LIS
Data UploadingManual
Weight36 kg
Dimensions20 × 15 × 50 cm