• Em100 Automated ESR Analyzer

      1. Photoelectric Sensor Technology: Provides highly precise and reliable ESR measurements.
      2. Rapid ESR Results: Delivers results in 30 minutes, facilitating quick clinical decisions.
      3. 20-Channel Testing: Enhances lab efficiency by allowing simultaneous analysis of multiple samples.
  • EM2000 electrolyte machine

    • Highly Accurate Results: Delivers reliable and precise measurements across key ions and pH, essential for dependable patient diagnostics.
    • Optimized Workflow with Low Maintenance: Designed for ease of use with minimal maintenance, automatic calibration, and intuitive operation, enhancing lab efficiency.
    • Compact and User-Friendly Design: Its space-saving size and easy-to-navigate touchscreen interface facilitate seamless integration and operation in busy lab environments.
  • EM3200 Veterinary Blood Cell Counter

    • Species-Specific Settings: Supports settings for 13 different animals and allows additional custom programming, ensuring precise diagnostics for a wide variety of veterinary needs.
    • Rapid and Comprehensive Diagnostics: Delivers full reports in under 60 seconds with detailed data on 21 parameters and histograms, facilitating quick and informed clinical decisions.
    • Automated, User-Friendly Features: Includes automatic re-counting, built-in thermal printer for immediate reporting, and a multi-language touch screen, enhancing efficiency and ease of use in veterinary practice.
  • EM200Plus Fully-Automated Chemistry Analyzer

    • Compact Benchtop Design: Saves valuable space in small to medium-sized labs without sacrificing functionality, ideal for environments with limited room.
    • High-speed Testing and Large Capacity: Performs 200 tests per hour and accommodates 80 reagent and 40 sample positions, boosting productivity in busy labs.
    • Advanced Sensing and Safety Features: Equipped with accurate liquid level sensing and anti-collision technology to enhance reliability and ensure safety during testing.
    • Precision and Efficiency: Features a sophisticated operating system with multi-wavelength detection and quality control protocols, ensuring precise and reliable results for effective patient care.