• EM3000T electrolyte analyzer machine

    • Accuracy and Reliability: Utilizes Direct Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) technology for precise electrolyte measurements, crucial in critical care.
    • Automatic Calibration and Standby Modes: Minimizes manual intervention and ensures readiness, improving efficiency in high-demand settings.
    • Range of Measurable Electrolytes: Models offer measurements for various electrolytes like K+, Na+, Cl-, and more, providing comprehensive metabolic evaluations in one device.
  • U100 urine device

    • High-Precision Detection – Utilizes a high-luminance white LED light source for accurate detection of critical urinary components like bilirubin, protein, glucose, and red blood cells.
    • Comprehensive Testing Capabilities – Capable of analyzing up to 14 parameters including Microalbumin (MAL), it provides a broad diagnostic scope essential for thorough medical evaluations.
    • Advanced Data Management – Features storage for up to 2000 test results and RS232 connectivity for seamless integration with other medical systems, enhancing clinical workflow efficiency.
  • Em6100 cbc machine

    • Diagnostic Precision: Accurately counts blood cells and measures hemoglobin, detecting up to 21 parameters for precise diagnosis.
    • Alerts for Abnormalities: An alarm system highlights abnormal blood components, critical for timely medical intervention.
    • Operational Efficiency: Processes 60 samples per hour and stores up to 500,000 results, enhancing productivity and facilitating patient monitoring.
  • EM160 best biochemistry analyzer

    1. High Throughput and Automation: Consistently performs 150 tests per hour with features like automatic liquid sensing and collision protection, improving efficiency in high-demand environments.
    2. Reagent and Sample Management: Accommodates 80 reagent and 40 sample positions with continuous cooling and optional barcode reading, enhancing accuracy and traceability.
    3. Precision Sampling and Mixing: Features precision probes with dedicated washing and Teflon-coated mixers, reducing contamination and ensuring consistent results.
    4. Advanced Operating System: User-friendly software and stable temperature control in the reaction tray ensure ease of use and reliable test outcomes.
  • EM200Plus Fully-Automated Chemistry Analyzer

    • Compact Benchtop Design: Saves valuable space in small to medium-sized labs without sacrificing functionality, ideal for environments with limited room.
    • High-speed Testing and Large Capacity: Performs 200 tests per hour and accommodates 80 reagent and 40 sample positions, boosting productivity in busy labs.
    • Advanced Sensing and Safety Features: Equipped with accurate liquid level sensing and anti-collision technology to enhance reliability and ensure safety during testing.
    • Precision and Efficiency: Features a sophisticated operating system with multi-wavelength detection and quality control protocols, ensuring precise and reliable results for effective patient care.