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Em6100 cbc machine

Discover Precision with EM6100 CBC Machine.Step into a new era of diagnostics with the EM6100 Touch Automatic Hematology Analyzer – EASTMED’s groundbreaking CBC Machine. This device redefines blood cell counting, platelet analysis, and hemoglobin measurements, setting new standards for accuracy.

Designed meticulously, the EM6100 offers precise results across diverse parameters. Its high-resolution color LCD display enhances clarity, while the built-in barcode scanner streamlines data entry. The integrated printer expedites result documentation.

User-friendly and versatile, the EM6100 caters to laboratories of various sizes. Its interface ensures easy navigation, while the high-resolution display maximizes result visibility.

Precision and reliability converge, with the EM6100 detecting up to 21 parameters, identifying internal anomalies, and alerting for abnormal blood components.

Unveil the future of diagnostics with EM6100. Request a quote and explore more cell counter  machine

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