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EM200Plus Fully-Automated Chemistry Analyzer

Experience a revolutionary shift in biochemistry analyzer efficiency with our advanced product. Offering high-speed testing at 200 tests/hour with dual reagent capability, a capacious setup of 80 reagent and 40 sample positions, and assured precision through accurate liquid level sensing and collision protection, this product redefines clarity in results with its amorphous optical cups. The smart sampling probe features multifunctionality and feedback, while the innovative Teflon-coated mixer ensures effective mixing. Non-stop cooling and optional barcode reader compatibility optimize tray functionality, and reactions are elevated with 44 cuvettes and precise temperature control. The 3×4 step system for washing guarantees effectiveness, while the user-friendly software boasts an intuitive interface, auto checks, and calibration options. Elevate your laboratory’s potential by exploring the product fully automatic biochemistry analyzer.

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