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esr analyzer

An ESR analyzer, also referred to as an Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate analyzer, is a medical tool that assesses the rate at which red blood cells settle in a vertical tube within a specific timeframe, serving as a general indicator of inflammation in the body. This test relies on the principle that red blood cells tend to settle at the tube’s bottom due to their density, but this settling rate can be affected by factors such as acute phase reactant proteins produced by the liver in response to inflammation.

EM100 ESR analyzer offers automated testing with photoelectric sensors for accurate results, accommodating up to 20 channels. It swiftly provides ESR readings in 30 minutes, supports ESR tubes, and connects to LIS/HIS systems. Using infrared Kinetic photometry, it achieves a throughput of 40 tests/hour, accurately measuring ESR (0-160 mm/h) and HCT (0.2~1) with quick results. The compact device features an LCD screen, thermal printer, and RS-232 port, combining automation, precision, and connectivity for efficient ESR testing and analysis.


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