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EM120 Fully Automated Chemistry Analyzer

EM120 Fully Automated Chemistry Analyzer boasts a rapid throughput of 120 tests per hour, a feat achieved effortlessly by its dual reagent system. With the capacity to accommodate 80 reagent positions, the EM120 empowers laboratories with efficient testing operations, maximizing productivity. Its built-in automatic liquid level sensing and anti-collision protection mechanisms ensure precision becomes the norm.

The integration of a full-closed optical system not only accelerates result delivery but also certifies their accuracy – a reassurance augmented by the employment of new amorphous optical plastics reaction cups. The user-friendly interface further amplifies its appeal, enabling seamless operation, while the addition of disposable cuvettes takes the hassle out of maintenance.

Witness the convergence of innovation and efficiency with the EM120 Fully Auto Biochemistry Analyzer – a technological marvel primed to redefine laboratory operations. To delve into the transformative potential of this fully automated chemistry analyzer, request a quote today. Elevate your laboratory’s potential with the EM120 by exploring more at fully-automatic-biochemistry-analyzer/.

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