what is a cbc machine and what does it do

Discover the pinnacle of hematology analysis with the market’s finest 3-part hematology analyzers. Experience unrivaled accuracy, reliability, and user-friendly interfaces with leading models like Sysmex XP-300, Beckman Coulter AcT Diff 2, and EASTMED EM6100. Choose precision and efficiency for your laboratory needs.

Best 3-Part Hematology Analyzers:

  • Sysmex XP-300:
    • The Sysmex XP-300 is a high-performance, automated 3-part hematology analyzer.
    • Utilizes fluorescent flow cytometry for accurate WBC counting and differentiation.
    • Provides precise platelet counts, even with large platelet clumps.
    • Features user-friendly software for easy operation and result interpretation.
  • Beckman Coulter AcT Diff 2:
    • Reliable and accurate, suitable for physician offices, clinics, and small labs.
    • Offers a throughput of up to 60 samples per hour.
    • Utilizes impedance and absorbance technologies for accurate WBC, RBC, and platelet counts.
    • Intuitive touchscreen interface enhances usability.
  • EASTMED EM6100:
    • Compact and affordable, designed for small to medium-sized labs.
    • Throughput of up to 60 samples per hour.
    • Uses proven impedance method for accurate WBC counting.
    • Includes built-in printer and user-friendly software.

Key Features of the Diagnostic Device:
  • High Throughput: Capable of processing up to 60 blood samples per hour in whole blood mode, ensuring efficient workflow.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Equipped with a 10.4-inch touch-sensitive color display screen, providing easy navigation and operation.
  • Efficient Testing: Requires only 9 microliters of whole blood for each test, maximizing efficiency and reducing sample volume requirements.
  • Large Storage Capacity: Offers a vast storage capacity of up to 500,000 test results, minimizing the need for frequent data management and ensuring comprehensive record-keeping.
  • Precision and Cost-Effectiveness: Delivers excellent precision and accuracy while remaining cost-effective and requiring minimal maintenance, ensuring reliable performance over time.


These top 3-part hematology analyzers, including the Sysmex XP-300, Beckman Coulter AcT Diff 2, and EASTMED EM6100, offer accurate and reliable results along with user-friendly features. Consider factors like throughput, technology, and ease of use when selecting the best analyzer for your laboratory needs.