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Elisa reader and washer

A microplate reader (elisa reader)is a sophisticated laboratory device designed to analyze the outcomes of various biochemical, chemical, or biological reactions that occur within small wells, often referred to as microplates. These microplates are flat trays containing multiple wells where samples and reagents are placed. The microplate reader uses specialized technology to measure and quantify the optical properties of these reactions, such as absorbance, fluorescence, or luminescence, providing valuable data for a wide range of research and diagnostic applications. This instrument is extensively utilized in fields such as life sciences, biochemistry, pharmacology, and clinical diagnostics, enabling researchers to gather precise information about the reactions taking place in a high-throughput manner.

A microplate washer (elisa washer)is an advanced laboratory instrument designed to cleanse the wells of microplates, which are small, flat trays containing multiple compartments used for conducting various experiments. After reactions have occurred within these wells, there can be residual substances that need to be removed before further testing. The microplate washer achieves this by spraying washing solutions into the wells, effectively eliminating unbound materials and contaminants. This step is crucial for maintaining the accuracy and reliability of results, especially in assays involving samples, reagents, or cells within microplates. The microplate washer plays an integral role in ensuring the quality and reproducibility of experiments conducted on a microplate platform in modern laboratory settings.

W200 ELISA Microplate Washer: This advanced ELISA microplate washer is an integral component of the versatile ELISA reader and washer product line. It streamlines laboratory processes with efficient wash buffer dispensing and aspiration, adjustable cycles, and plate shaking for enhanced washing. Its user-friendly software offers customizable protocols and data management tools, while fluid level detection prevents interruptions. With compatibility for various plate types and low residual volumes, it ensures accurate and reliable results while minimizing cross-contamination. Suitable for diverse fields, its compact design and technical precision make it an essential tool for optimizing laboratory workflows.


W200A Automated Lab Microplate Washer from Eastmed – your solution for efficient and hassle-free laboratory washing. This cutting-edge two-channel ELISA plate washer offers user-friendly touch screen operation, allowing you to navigate with ease. Choose between 8-channel or 12-channel washing heads, catering to your preferences. Whether you’re washing strips or whole plates, this washer adapts to your needs, accommodating various plate shapes including flat-plate, V-plate, and U-plate designs. With two cleaning fluid channels and one flushing channel, thorough cleaning is guaranteed. Adjust washing times, control suction times, and target specific plate areas by setting washing rows. And for optimal results, customize liquid volume and soaking time. Discover the efficiency of the W200A Automated Lab Microplate Washer and enhance your lab routines


M200 Microplate Reader: Redefining laboratory analysis, the M200 Microplate Reader from Eastmed stands as a pinnacle of innovation. With its 7″ TFT LCD screen, real-time data presentation becomes a dynamic experience. Simultaneous display of test results amplifies efficiency, while the LED light source boasts an unparalleled lifespan exceeding 100,000 hours, ensuring consistent and reliable performance. The reader’s bichromatic, 8-channel optical system delivers an exceptional degree of precision and accuracy. Accommodating up to 200 test protocols and storing 100,000 results, data management becomes a breeze. This versatility extends to its three shaking modes, offering tailored experimentation. Operating on a user-friendly Windows interface, it encompasses self-check and malfunction alerts, reinforcing its dependability. Elegantly designed for intuitive use, its robust construction ensures longevity. Within the context of the broader ELISA reader and washer category, this microplate reader shines as a symbol of quality, efficiency, and innovation, perfectly embodying Eastmed’s commitment to excellence in laboratory equipment.


The M200B ELISA Reader from Eastmed is a standout solution that seamlessly combines efficiency and precision for laboratory analysis. Its adaptable sample mixing speeds ensure thorough mixing, contributing to accurate results you can rely on. The device takes accuracy even further with cut-off and call criteria, providing confidence in the outcomes. Onboard data analysis simplifies result management, and you can choose between single or double wavelength analysis based on your experiment’s needs. This reader accommodates various microplate types, including the widely used 96-well plates, making it versatile for different research demands. With ample storage for up to 2500 results, data management becomes hassle-free. The intuitive touch screen interface and independent operating system make operation a breeze, while the dependable optical path guarantees precise readings. Furthermore, the device supports multiple calculation rules, catering to diverse analytical preferences. The M200B ELISA Reader underscores Eastmed’s dedication to delivering top-tier laboratory equipment that empowers accurate and effective research and diagnostics.


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