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Electrolyte Analyzers: Accurate Results for Clinical Diagnostics

Electrolyte analyzers are essential for accurate clinical diagnostics. These analyzers measure the concentrations of electrolytes in a sample, such as sodium, potassium, and chloride. This information is used to detect and diagnose a wide range of diseases and conditions.

eastmed offers a wide selection of electrolyte analyzers for clinical diagnostics. These analyzers provide reliable and accurate results in a variety of formats, including benchtop and portable systems. With advanced features such as automatic calibration, automatic sample dilution, and barcode scanning, these analyzers offer the flexibility and convenience needed for efficient clinical diagnostics.

The electrolyte analyzers from eastmed are designed for ease of use and accuracy. The intuitive user interface and automated functions make it easy to operate the analyzer. The analyzers also feature a range of safety features, such as an automatic shut-off system and an alarm system for low sample volume.

In addition to the electrolyte analyzers, eastmed also offers a range of consumables and accessories. These include sample cups, daily cleaner,weekly cleaner , and reagents for accurate testing. The consumables and accessories are designed to work with the analyzers to ensure accurate results.

Whether you need a benchtop or portable electrolyte analyzer, eastmed has the right solution for your clinical diagnostics needs. With reliable and accurate results, and a wide range of consumables and accessories, eastmed’s electrolyte analyzers are the perfect choice for any laboratory.

Introducing the EM2000 Electrolyte Analyzer, a transformative solution that reshapes efficiency in electrolyte testing. Designed for seamless assembly, it optimizes your time and effort, while its economical design reduces reagent consumption, resulting in substantial cost savings. Bid farewell to frequent cleaning and replacement tasks, and eliminate the uncertainty of unexpected reagent shortages. With its unwaveringly accurate results, the EM2000 refines testing procedures and streamlines laboratory workflows. The user-friendly interface ensures intuitive navigation, making it ideal for laboratories with space constraints. Explore its versatility through various customizable options that cater to specific needs. Experience the embodiment of efficiency through the EM2000 Electrolyte Analyzer – a superior, cost-effective solution meticulously crafted to elevate your laboratory’s productivity.


Discover unparalleled precision in electrolyte analysis with the EM2800 Electrolyte Analyser. With a compact design and maintenance-free electrodes, it delivers highly accurate results while minimizing operational complexities. Automated functions like sampling, priming, rinsing, and calibration enhance user-friendliness. The device’s intuitive touch-screen interface and large LCD display ensure effortless navigation. An optional autosampler boosts efficiency, and the economical maintenance costs make it a cost-effective choice. Ideal for applications like point-of-care blood gas analysis and ionized calcium measurement, the EM2800 employs high-performance technology to guarantee dependable results. Its simplified design and automated features reduce maintenance efforts, while the user-friendly software ensures a seamless experience. Explore the versatility through customizable options, enhancing your electrolyte analysis capabilities.


Experience unparalleled accuracy in electrolyte analysis with Eastmed’s cutting-edge EM3000T Automated Electrolyte Analyzer. Designed for labs and healthcare facilities, it embodies reliability and accuracy, offering a comprehensive array of options including potassium (K), sodium (Na), chloride (Cl), calcium (Ca), pH, and carbon dioxide (CO2) measurements to address diverse needs. The analyzer’s patented dual-channel design eradicates the need for multiple tests, while its broad dynamic range accommodates concentrations from 0.1 mmol/L to 20 mmol/L. Ensuring user convenience, it features a spacious LCD display and an intuitive interface. Safety mechanisms prevent system overload and contamination. FDA-approved, CE-marked, and equipped with Direct ISE technology, it assures precision. From maintenance-free electrodes to automated calibration, it optimizes efficiency, making it an ideal fit for medium/high workload labs and hospitals. With various models available, the EM3000T reshapes electrolyte analysis by combining precision and practicality.


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