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EM2800 electrolyte analyser

Discover unparalleled precision in electrolyte analysis with the EM2800 Electrolyte Analyser. With a compact design and maintenance-free electrodes, it delivers highly accurate results while minimizing operational complexities. Automated functions like sampling, priming, rinsing, and calibration enhance user-friendliness. The device’s intuitive touch-screen interface and large LCD display ensure effortless navigation. An optional autosampler boosts efficiency, and the economical maintenance costs make it a cost-effective choice. Ideal for applications like point-of-care blood gas analysis and ionized calcium measurement, the EM2800 employs high-performance technology to guarantee dependable results. Its simplified design and automated features reduce maintenance efforts, while the user-friendly software ensures a seamless experience. Explore the versatility through customizable options, enhancing your electrolyte analysis capabilities. For more details, visit our Eelectrolyte analyzer 

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