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EM30 Total Bilirubin Meter

Bilirubin Machine: a compact marvel redefining bilirubin level measurements. With a rapid 5-second turnaround, it offers swift insights into patient care. Designed for simplicity, it boasts a user-friendly interface, ensuring hassle-free operation. Beyond speed, reliability shines through, delivering consistent performance for accurate results.

Flexibility is a hallmark, as the machine covers a broad measuring range of up to 30mg/dl. Its hygienic disposable capillary requires minimal sample volume, prioritizing patient comfort. The built-in thermal printer adds convenience for documentation.

Connectivity is seamless, linking effortlessly with LIS, HIS, and PC systems. Notably, patient well-being takes center stage, as the Bilirubin Machine enables wound, pain, and infection-free testing. This innovation accelerates informed decisions, revolutionizing medical diagnostics in an increasingly time-sensitive landscape. check more poct tests

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