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EM88A Chemistry Analyzer

Dealing with multiple analyzers and instruments for clinical chemistry, turbidimetry, coagulation, and multi-purpose incubation tests? The EM88A Chemistry Analyzer is here to solve your problem with its advanced semi-automated technology. This Biochemistry Analyzer provides accurate and reliable results for all your testing needs.

The selectable reading mode for all 3 analyses, including flow cell, cuvette, and tube, makes this Clinical Chemistry Analyzer a versatile option for laboratories of all sizes. Plus, the easy and fast operation through the touch screen, mouse, keyboard, and barcode reader means you can get results quickly and efficiently.

The Point of Care Chemistry Analyzer also features long-life 8 IAD filters (340m-670m) for accurate and precise results. The 7.0″ true color touchscreen display provides better visibility and operation, making it easier to use and reducing the chance of errors.

Air purge between samples helps to avoid carryover, and the lamp-saver mode extends the lifespan of the analyzer. With all these features and more, the Automated Chemistry Analyzer is the perfect solution for your laboratory’s testing needs.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of advanced semi-automated technology with the Chemistry Analyzer for Labs! Say goodbye to the hassle of multiple analyzers and instruments, and say hello to accurate and reliable results with just one machine. Order now and see the difference for yourself.

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