With the help of our point-of-care devices, you can analyse sample materials from blood to semen on-site in your practice. You get the test results immediately and in laboratory quality, allowing you to quickly determine whether your treatment approach has been effective or needs to be modified – and all this while the patient is still in the clinic. Time-consuming telephone follow-up and extra appointments can thus be avoided. This saves valuable time and minimises administrative effort. Our readers from the drug analysis field also evaluate saliva and urine tests on-site and save the test results.

Whether you have questions about the system or our offers, our product specialists are happy to help. Your satisfaction is our priority. We offer a full-service package with comprehensive consultation, a convenient ordering process and quick delivery at an attractive price. We would also be happy to visit you in your practice to offer you a detailed consultation.

  • EM30 total bilirubin meter

    Precision MeasurementUses direct photometry with a small required sample volume of 40-45μL, ideal for accurate bilirubin testing.
    Advanced FeaturesEquipped with bi-chromatic photometer filters at 450nm and 578nm, a backlit LCD display, and a built-in thermal printer for immediate documentation.
    Designed for Clinical UseCompact and robust design suitable for clinical environments. Offers flexible power options and connectivity features including RS232 and USB ports, ensuring seamless integration into medical workflows.