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vacuum regulator


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  • A wide range of measurement and control, 1-1,000mbar
  • Two control modes of single-point control and programmed control available for choice as needed
  • Can store up to 5 programs, each containing up to 5 segments of programming control
  • A large-size TFT touch screen display control allows easy operation
  • All parts in contact with vapor or liquid are made of PTFE, ceramics or other high-performance materials and can effectively resist corrosion caused by organic solvents, water, acid and alkali
  • A built-in vent valve can feed inert gas into system equipment
  • One-stroke decompression allows easy installation and dismantling of vacuum system
  • Can be connected with pump power control for temporary shutdown of pump power supply after reaching stable degree of vacuum for energy conservation and environmental protection. Can also be operated in the normally open statue of pump


Vacuum setting range1-1000mbar
Vacuum measurement range1-1000mbar
Control operation modeSingle-point control mode,
Programmed control mode
Control programCan store up to 5 programs, each
containing 5-step control (capable to
set the degree of vacuum and time)
Setting methodTouch screen setting
Display5” TFT
Sensor overload pressure1,500mbar
Connector diameter8mm
Materials in contact with vaporPTFE, PP, silicone and ceramics
Overall dimensionsW×D×H189×207×193mm
Power supply110—240V,50Hz/60Hz
Operating environment10℃~40℃,≤80%RH

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6031100300VC100Vacuum Controller

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