Simplified Operating Guidelines for the EM7100 5-Part Auto Hematology Analyzer

  1. Daily maintenance
    After every day’s worktime.
    1, Function-Service-Maintenance-Maintain-Flush
    2, Burn WBC Aperture & RBC Aperture
    3, Inverted Flush WBC Aperture & RBC Aperture
  2. Weekly maintenance
    Function-Service-Maintenance-Clean-Clean sample probe
  3. Monthly maintenance
    One time calibration per month.
    Path: Function-Calibrate-Calibrator
  4. Ensure the analyzer will be turned on at least one time per week.
  5. Empty the fludics, system if the analyzer will not be used for more than 7 days.
    Function -Service -Device maintain -Empty fluidics

parts of EM7100 5 part auto hematology analyzer