Offset value adjust

Adjust the optical offset value(the signal when there is no light through the flowcell)

The steps about adjusting the optical offset value:
1. Step1: Open the machine cover and find the blue potentiometer(RP1) for adjusting the offset value in the mainboard near socket S3;

2. Step2: Insert the cup adapter into the hole to block the light through the flowcell;
3. Step3: Power on the machine, go to the menu: Home page->Test. Click Check AD button and go to check AD menu;

4. Step4: Click the start button, the offset value will be shown in the graph and the current offset value will be shown in the text box: R.T.
5. Step5: adjust the offset value between 10 to 50 by rotate the potentiometer using screwdriver(we usually adjust the value to 30 approximately). The offset value will increase if rotate the potentiometer in clockwise direction and decrease in the count clockwise direction.

The Max Diff should be less than 10.