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Semi Auto Biochemistry Analyzer

A semi-automated biochemical analyzer is a laboratory instrument designed to perform various biochemical tests on biological samples with a level of automation that streamlines the testing process while still requiring some degree of manual intervention. This type of analyzer combines automated sample handling, reagent dispensing, and result measurement for a range of clinical and research applications. Unlike fully automated analyzers, which can operate without continuous human oversight, semi-automated analyzers involve the input of samples and reagents by laboratory technicians, but the subsequent steps of mixing, incubating, and measuring are largely automated. This balance between manual input and automated processing makes semi-automated biochemical analyzers suitable for laboratories that require efficiency and accuracy but may have varying testing requirements or lower sample volumes that do not warrant a full automation investment.

Discover the future of laboratory testing with our Semi Auto Biochemistry Analyzer. Boasting a user-friendly Windows-based interface and a 7.0″ touch screen LCD, operation becomes a breeze. Experience advanced features such as auto sleep, lamp protection, and customizable sleep time, ensuring the longevity of your instrument. With 5 USB ports and an Ethernet port, enjoy seamless connectivity. Program a diverse range of 300 tests and store an impressive 200,000 results. Safeguard your data with the USB-based database backup function. Benefit from universal power compatibility, making it suitable for global usage. Count on the reliability and efficiency of our Semi Biochemistry Analyzer. It’s the ultimate streamlined and accurate solution for modern lab testing needs.


A cutting-edge 4-in-1 solution that seamlessly integrates clinical chemistry, turbidimetry, coagulation, and multi-purpose incubation functionalities, revolutionizing diagnostic testing. This adaptable system is meticulously crafted to elevate efficiency and precision in medical laboratories, setting a new standard for comprehensive analysis. Experience the future of diagnostics with the advanced capabilities of the SEMI AUTO BIOCHEMISTRY ANALYZER. Learn more about this exceptional analyzer on our SEMI AUTO BIOCHEMISTRY ANALYZER product page.


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