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W200 Automated Microplate Washer

Tired of the tedious and time-consuming manual washing of microplates? Do you want a reliable and efficient solution for washing microplates in your lab? Look no further than our Automated Microplate Washer – the ultimate tool for fast, precise, and hassle-free microplate washing.

Our Biotek Plate Washer is equipped with state-of-the-art features, including dispensing and aspiration capabilities, multiple wash cycles, adjustable dispense volume, compatibility with different plate types, plate shaking capabilities, automatic calibration, user-friendly software, fluid level detection, compatibility with various reagents, and low residual volumes. With these features, our Elisa Plate Washer is the perfect tool for any lab that requires precise and reliable microplate washing.

Our microplate washer’s dispensing and aspiration capabilities allow for efficient and accurate washing of the wells of a microplate. The instrument can also be programmed to perform multiple wash cycles, with different volumes and durations for each cycle, making it highly versatile and adaptable to different experimental requirements. The adjustable dispense volume feature allows for customized washing of each well, ensuring optimal washing efficiency.

The Automatic Plate Washer is compatible with different plate types, including 96-well and other formats, making it a flexible solution for any lab. The plate shaking capabilities enhance the washing process by ensuring thorough and consistent washing of each well. The automatic calibration process ensures that the dispensing volumes are accurate and consistent, while the user-friendly software interface allows for easy customization of protocols and data management tools.

The fluid level detection sensors in our Biotek Microplate Washer alert the user when the wash buffer reservoir levels are low, ensuring that the instrument is always ready for use. Our Microplate Washer is also compatible with a range of wash buffer formulations, including detergent-containing solutions and other reagents, providing maximum flexibility for different experimental needs.

Our microplate washer has low residual volumes, which ensures minimal cross-contamination between samples, making it a reliable and efficient solution for any lab. Invest in our Automated Microplate Washer today and say goodbye to the hassle and inefficiency of manual microplate washing.

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