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SE450 Coagulation Analyzer

Tired of the hassle and inaccuracies that come with manual blood clotting tests? Look no further than our Coagulation Analyzer. With its automated technology, this Blood Clotting Test delivers quick and precise results with no interference from intern factors, hemolysis, chills, or turbid particles.

Equipped with four independent test channels, our Hemostasis Analyzer allows for random and parallel testing, increasing efficiency and saving time. Our original reagents, control plasma, and calibrator plasma ensure accurate results every time, while supporting a range of tests including PT, APTT, Fb, TT, Factors, Protein C/S, and more.

The Stago Coagulation Analyzer is designed with the latest technology and advanced features, making it an excellent choice for healthcare professionals, hospitals, and diagnostic labs. Our Prothrombin Time Test provides comprehensive and reliable diagnostic testing for patients.

With our automated coagulation analyzer, you can confidently provide your patients with accurate and timely test results, leading to improved patient care and outcomes. Additionally, our Platelet Function Analyzer is easy to use and maintain, allowing for seamless integration into your laboratory or medical practice.

Investing in our blood clotting test analyzer is not just an investment in your practice, but an investment in your patients’ health. Don’t settle for less accurate or time-consuming testing methods. Choose the best with our ACL Coagulation Analyzer. Order yours today and experience the difference in patient care.

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