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M200B Microplate Reader

Tired of the hassle of manual data analysis for your lab experiments? Do you find yourself constantly needing to manually analyze and record data? Introducing our Microplate Reader – a state-of-the-art instrument designed to make your lab work easier and more efficient.

Our Fluorescence Microplate Reader features an 8-channel optical measuring system, with optional single/double wavelength analysis for maximum versatility in your experiments. The Biotek Microplate Reader also boasts extensive onboard data analysis capabilities, making it easy to analyze and interpret your data in real-time.

The Bioluminescence Reader is equipped with variable speeds linear shaking, allowing for optimal mixing of your samples. Additionally, it features cut-off and call criteria for more precise and accurate results. With a large storage capacity of up to 2500 results, you can easily store and retrieve your data as needed.

The Multi-Mode Microplate Reader has a user-friendly touch screen interface, with a large LCD display that makes it easy to monitor and adjust your experiments. It also has an independent operating system, providing flexibility and ease of use. The touch screen is highly customizable, allowing for quick layout changes and personalized workflows.

For those who require even more advanced data analysis capabilities, a PC workstation is available for use with the Absorbance Reader! Our reliable optical path design ensures improved accuracy and repeatability of your experiments. Multiple calculation rules are also available to accommodate a variety of experimental designs and data analysis needs.

Investing in our Microplate Reader will streamline your lab work and enhance the accuracy and efficiency of your experiments. Trust in our cutting-edge technology and innovative design to take your lab work to the next level. 

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