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W200A Automated Lab Microplate Washer

W200A Automated Lab Microplate Washer from Eastmed – your solution for efficient and hassle-free laboratory washing. This cutting-edge two-channel ELISA plate washer offers user-friendly touch screen operation, allowing you to navigate with ease. Choose between 8-channel or 12-channel washing heads, catering to your preferences. Whether you’re washing strips or whole plates, this washer adapts to your needs, accommodating various plate shapes including flat-plate, V-plate, and U-plate designs. With two cleaning fluid channels and one flushing channel, thorough cleaning is guaranteed. Adjust washing times, control suction times, and target specific plate areas by setting washing rows. And for optimal results, customize liquid volume and soaking time. Discover the efficiency of the W200A Automated Lab Microplate Washer and enhance your lab routines. For more items, visit Elisa reader and washer.

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