1. Are you a manufacture?
We are a professional manufacturer of laboratory analytical equipment, and a complete laboratory solution provider
We provide you with a comprehensive solution to all your in-vitro medical equipment requirements. From the high-class complicated to highly sensitive ones, we have everything in place for our valuable clients.

2. How is your service
Unparalleled services:
When it comes to providing the clients with unparalleled experience, we believe in delivering the same through unmatched customer service. From the moment you put your foot at our store to the after-sale, we provide you with the maximum assistance to ensure you enjoy the ultimate customer delights

3. Do you support OEM or ODM?
We’ve successfully provided OEM/ODM service to a lot of customers,
With our strong RND team, the outlook of machine can be sprayed to be another color, your best welcome logle can be planted in machine, even your individual software requested can be developed with subject to the quantity requested.

4. Do you ship to our country?
We give the professional logistic solution to the Varity of goods as per the specialty of each goods , whether it is
sensitive reagent kits or most urgent expected demo item, all can be shipped with great care.

5. What is your leading time?
Leading time various on different items, some analytical equipment is 10-15days, because we ensure each equipment tested carefully before shipment.

6. What is your spares parts availability for the machine out of service.
We give extra service and guarantee the availabilities of parts for the goods exceed warranty at a cost price. Some machine more than 10years still be maintained by us , that is reason why customer loyal to us.

7. What is your advantage?
Quality and service, those two are always our pursue