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EM2000 electrolyte analyzer


Product Description

Large screen (320×240) high brightness color LCD display, Chinese menu, touch screen operation, man-machine dialogue,

convenient and fast.

Excellent electrode performance: high precision and wide linear range, long service life.

High accuracy: After calibrating the analyzer with special calibration supplies, it can overcome the system error caused by

the medium (substrate) effect.

High degree of automation: automatic calibration, self-checking function, automatic solution detection and display of

electrode channel status; automatic lifting and suction system, sample needle automatic closing cleaning function, automatic

display and printing of measurement results.

No cross-contamination: the use of gas-liquid segmentation automatic flushing technology completely eliminates cross-contamination

between samples and is not easy to block the injection channel.

Easy to maintain: free of routine maintenance design, easy electrode loading and unloading, reducing the burden on operators;

built-in software with automatic diagnostics, prompting users to troubleshoot in time.

Data reproduction: The instrument can store 2000 measurement results, with power-off protection function, users can query at

any time and can print output according to sample number combination.

Through the RS-232 data transmission interface, the test results can be uploaded to the computer for processing, which is

convenient for printing the standardized inspection report form, and the inspection department management system can be

provided free of charge.

Built-in high-speed thermal recorder, support barcode scanning function.

Technical Specifications

Principle: Ion Selective Electrode (ISE)

Sample: Whole blood, serum, plasma,diluted urine

Sample volume: 100~150μL

Throughput: 60 samples/h

Data storage:2000 sample result

Calibration:Automatic or On-demand

Input:Touch-screen,Support Bar-code reader

Display: 320*240 Large LCD,Touch screen

Output: Internal thermal recorder, RS- 232 serial port

Working Environment:Temperature: 15°C~32°C

Relative humidity: 85%

Input voltage:AC 220V/110V ±10%, 50/60Hz


Technical Specifications

  1. Principle: Ion Selective Electrode (ISE)
  2. Sample: Whole blood, serum, plasma,diluted urine
  3. Sample volume:  100~150μL
  4. Throughput: 60 samples/h
  5. Data storage:2000 sample result
  6. Calibration:Automatic or On-demand
  7. Input:Touch-screen,Support Bar-code reader
  8. Display: 320*240 Large LCD,Touch screen
  9. Output: Internal thermal recorder,  RS- 232 serial port
  10. Working Environment:Temperature: 15°C~32°C
  11. Relative humidity: 85%
  12. Input voltage:AC 220V/110V ±10%, 50/60Hz

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