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dry heat block incubator


Product Description

Key Features:

  • Excellent mixing result
  • Stable and wide range of speed adjustment
  • Precise temperature control for heating
  • Flexible adapter selection
  • Programmable
  • Compatible with various tubes
  • Quick interchange of blocks with  magnet adhesion technology and without any tools
  • Block equipped with a lid for heat preservation


FunctionsHeating& mixing
Temperature rangeHeating: room temp. – 100  °C
Temperature setting range15-100℃
Temperature control accuracy± 0.5°C
Temperature uniformityMax.± 0.5°C
Max. heating rate5.5°C/min
Mixing frequency200-1500rpm
Mixing orbit3mm
Overheating protection150°C
Adapter block materialaluminum
Voltage, Frequency100–240V,50/60Hz
Dimension [D×W×H]
( without the heating block )

Order Info:

Cat. No.P/NDescriptionsPower supply
5062104100HM100-ProLCD digital Thermo Mix with heating, mixing,with 1pcs heating block for free (select a size)USA plug,100V-120V/50Hz/60Hz
Cn plug, 200V-240V/50Hz/60Hz
Euro plug, 200V-240V/50Hz/60Hz
UK plug, 200V-240V/50Hz/60Hz
Cat. No.P/NDescriptions
18900238Heating block, used for 0.5mL tubes, 24 holes
18900237Heating block, used for 1.5mL tubes, 24 holes
18900239Heating block, used for 2mL tubes, 24 holes
18900240Heating block, used for 5mL tubes, 8 holes
18900241Heating block, used for 15mL tubes, 8 holes
18900242Heating block, used for 50mL tubes, 4 holes
18900243Heating block, used for 0.2ml/96 well PCR plate
18900244Heating block, used for 96/384 microplate
New blocks for eppendorf  tube
18900353Heating block, used for 5mL tubes, 8 holes
18900354Heating block, used for 5mL tubes, 8 holes, cone bottom, only for new machine
18900355Heating block, used for 15mL tubes, 8 holes
18900356Heating block, used for 50mL tubes, 4 holes

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