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EM88B clinical chemistry analyzers

Optical unit:

• 8 IAD interference filters: 340, 405, 450, 505, 546, 578, 630
and 670 nm
• Silicon photodiode detectors
• Photometric range: 0 to 3 OD
• Resolution: 0.0001 A
• Light source: halogen lamp


Product Description

EM88B Combined Clinical Chemistry and Coagulation Multi-Test Analyzer Touch Screen is a touch screen microprocessor biochemical and coagulation analyzer,

Which measures biological indicators, more than 50 elements plus coagulation tests TT, PT, APTT.

The machine can be used with all brands of biochemical reagents.

User-friendly and easy to use, it requires minimal training or supervision to get started.

The samples were tested in two ways,

Via suction pump and disposable cuvettes


  • Latest concepts and technologies
    Flow cells, micro and macro cuvettes available
    low energy technology
  • Color touch screen
  • Multi-language, and more
  • Coagulation Testing
  • 7.0″ True Color Touch Screen (800 x 480 pixels)
  • Inside multi-function incubator
  • Universal power supply
  • Enzyme Kinetic GPT GOT tests
  • Sample blood serum
  • Volume: Reagent plus sample serum 500 ul
  • Reagent will give ratio
  • The suction volume is 500 ul
  • Halogen lifetime is 1500 hours
  • Calibration is leaner
  • Photometric resolution is 0.0002A


  • 1 power cable
  • 1 pump cassette
  • 1 waste tube
  • 1 aspiration tube
  • 2 rolls of printer paper
  • 1 touch pen
  • 1 lamp house
  • 5 clotting cuvettes
  • 1 clotting cuvette adapter

Testing List

EM88B will measure the following elements at blood test:

T. BILITotal BilirubinLgAAPOB-IBApolipoprotein-B
D. BILIDirect BilirubinCHOChinese Hamster OvaryAPOBApolipoprotein-B
TPTotal ProteinTGThyroglobulinCK-MBCreatine Kinase-MB
ALBAlbuminCKCreatinine KinaseASOAntibody Streptolysin O
Lactic AcidLactic AcidLDHLactate DihydrogenaseCO2Carbon Dioxide
LP (a)Lipoprotein AUAUrinalysisLOL-C
CHECholinesteraseGLUGlucoseHS-CRPHigh Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein
FeIronTBATotal Bile AcidsC4Complement Component 4
R-GT/GGTReflocheck Glucose/
Gamma Glutamyl Transferase
ALP/AKPAlkaline PhosphataseCLChlorineAFUAlpha-L-Fucosidase
UREAUreaPPhosphorusFMNFlavin Mono Nucleotide
CREACreatinineCCarbonHDL-CHigh Density Lipoprotein-C
ALT/GPTAlanine Aminotransferase/
Glutamate Pyruvate Transaminase
A-HBDHalpha-hydroxy butyrate dehydrogenasePA
AST/GOTAspartate Aminotransferase/
Serum glutamic-oxaloacetic transaminase
LAADAAdenosine Deaminaseand drug toxicity
CuCopperC3Complement Component 3HbA1cGlycated Hemoglobin
Test for the Following Diagnostics
LipoproteinsApo A1Apo BLp (a)

Optical Unit:

• 8 Ied lnterference Filtes:
340, 405, 450, 505, 546, 578, 630 & 670 nm
• Silicon Photodiode Detector
• Photometric Range: 0 to 3 OD
• Resolution: 0.0001 A
• Light Sou『ce: Halogen Lamp

Measuring Unit

• Triple Cuvette Analysis
l 8ul Quartz Flow cell
10mm Square Cuvette
6mm Round Tube with Adaptor
• Peltie『 Temperature cont『ol: 25°C, 30°C, 37°C & RT
• Minimum Aspiration Volume 200ul by mean of Peristaltic Pump
• 26 Position Multipurpose Inbuilt lncubator 37°C

Analysis Methods

• Endpoint with Reagent blank
• Two Point End
• Kinetic
• Fixed Time (Two Point)
• Turbidimetry
• Coagulation


• Bi-Chromatic Filter selection
• Linear and Non-Liner Calibration Mode

1 Pt. Linear
2 Pt. Linear Multipoint Linear Line Graph Spline

Logil-Log 3P
Logil-Log 4P
Logil-Log 5P


• 300 User Defined Test Program
• 200000 Sample Results
• Reagent Blank & QC Result


• Multi _Level _ QC with Levy-Jenning Graphs & Cumulative Info
• Alpha Numeric Patient ID & Name
• Result Recall by Date, Name & ID
• Online Graph & change in OD display
• Option to operate instrument through PC software


True Colour 7.0’Inch Touch Screen Display


• Touch Screen with Popup Keyboard
• Inbuilt High resolution Graphic Thermal Printer

• 4 USB, from USB and Ethernet ports to interface keyboard, mouse, barcode reader and printer.

Operating environment

• Storage temperature l 5°C – 45°C
• Operating temperature l 5°C – 30°C
• Humidity 35% – 90% non-condensing


• External Universal SMPS Adapter
• 19V DC/90Watt, 90-264V AC-50/60 Hz

Dimensions (mm) and weight

• 400(L) X 300(W) X 191 (HJ (LWH)
• 7 KG approx.

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