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EM30 bilirubin meter


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Total Bilirubin Meter


  • Bilirubin meter with direct spectrophotometric reading for measuring Total Bilirubin concentration.
  • Whole blood sample collected in heparinized micro-capillary tube and then centrifuged.
  • No additional reagent is required to carry out tests.
  • Reading system at unique point for both Bilirubin and interfering substances with automatic correction.
  • Internal calibration on manufacture against known value calibrators. Long term Calibration stability 6 months and possibility of Calibration by User.
  • “Stand alone” instrument provided with internal software, keypad, Liquid-Crystal alphanumeric display and internal printer.

Technical Specifications:
Intended use: Measurement of Total Bilirubin
Sample: Centrifuged Whole Blood
Sample volume: ≥40 μL
Reading cuvette: Heparinized hematocrit micro capillary (75mm/60uL) tube
Measure unit: mg/dL & μmol/L
Linearity: Upto 30 mg/dL or 510 μmol/L
Test range: 0.0000—2.000ABS
Measuring system: Direct Spectrophotometry
Light source: long life time white color LED.
Optical filters: 450nm & 578nm with long lifetime
Sample reading: From a single-point of the capillary tube
System Zero and Controls: Completely automated
Interference: Automatically compensated
Reading time: 10 seconds even with highly hemolized samples
Reading accuracy: < 5%
Detector: Silicon photodiode
Results: On LCD and via printer
LCD: 2 line x 16 character ASC code LCD with back-lit
Printer: In-built thermal printer (58mm paper)
Programming: By membrane keypad
Data storage: Up to 1000 results
RS232: standard serial port
Size: 265 mm x 190 mm x 80 mm
Weight: 1.20 kg
Power adaptor: input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz; output: DC 12V/3.3A

Application :

Total Bilirubin Meter is designed for the quantitative

determination of total bilirubin in blood

Techical specification:

  •  Measuring principle: direct photometry
  •  Intended Use: EM30 is designed for the quantitative determination of total bilirubin in blood
  • Capillary: 75mm/60µL disposable capillary. diameter 1.3mm-1.4mm (The Hirschmann Laborgerate product (REF.9100260) is recommended)
  •  Sample volume: 40-45µL (2/3-3/4 of the total capillary volume)
  • Dimensions: 250(L)*190(W)*85(H)mm
  • Carton size: 320(L)*250(W)*170(H)mm
  • Weight: 2kg(N.W), 3kg(G.W)
  • Power supply: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz, DC12V 3A.
  • Environment temperature:10 0C ~30 0C
  • Relative humidity:≤95%
  • Atmospheric pressure:860hpa~1060hpa
  • Light source: long life time white light LED.
  • Photometer: bi-chromatic, 450nm (M) and 578nm(S) filter.
  • Display: 16х2 ASC code LCD with backlit.
  • Warm up:≥5min
  • Built-in printer: 58mm thermal printer
  • Interface: Standard RS232
  • Connection Port: USB port
  • Warranty period: One year after the date of our shipment
  • Measuring range:0-30mg/dl
  • Interface:RS232,support LIS、HIS、PC connectivity

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