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EM3000 automated electrolyte analyzer


Product Description

  • Linux operating system,800X480 color LCD touch screen.
  • High performance electrodes: high precision and wide linearity range, with long shelf life (up to 12 months for Na, K, Cl electrodes).
  • Excellent electrode shielding system, removing external interference and ensuring good stability.
  • Real-time detection of each electrode working status, eliminating electrodes drift, ensuring accurate result.
  • Possible to connect with a bar-code scanner, accidental power-off protection and automatic fault diagnosis function.
  • Support high / low value calibrators and 3 levels of QC, automatic calibration of slope and intercept values, display of whole QC graphs.
  • Environment friendly: paper-based material reagent pack .
  • Two sampling modes: automatic sampling with auto sampler or manual sampling.
  • Operational software can be upgraded through USB port.
  • Automatic liquid level detection and alarms. Real-time diagnostic of system status and reagent pack status information.
  • More than 100,000 test results can be stored with convenient sample results review and print-out sample ID Sample.

Available Models

EM-3000ATK+ / Na+
EM-3000BTK+ / Na+ / Cl- / CO2
EM-3000CTK+ / Na+ / Cl- / Ca2+ / pH
EM-3000DTK+ / Na+ / Cl- / Ca2+ / pH / CO2
EM-3000FTK+ / Na+ / Cl-

Technical Index

ParameterCV%ResolutionRange (mmol/L)
K+≤1.0%0.01mmol/L0.50~15.00 mmol/L
Na+≤1.0%0.1mmol/L30.0~200.0 mmol/L
Cl-≤1.0%0.1mmol/L30.0~200.0 mmol/L
Ca2+≤3.0%0.01mmol/L0.10~5.00 mmol/L


K+≤3.0%≤1.0%≤3.0% or ±0.08mmol/L≤2.0%≤1.5%
Na+≤3.0%≤1.0%≤3.0% or ±2.0mmol/L≤2.0%≤1.5%
Cl-≤3.0%≤1.0%≤3.0% or ±2.0mmol/L≤2.0%≤1.5%

or ±1.0mmol/L


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